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Israel Is Again Pushing Washington To War

Israel Is Again Pushing Washington To War

https://southfront.org/russian-forces-in-syria-are-on-combat-alert-as-us-considers-list-of-targets-to-attack-government-forces-reports/ [1]

Here you have the hypocritical Israelis urging war over a hoax chemical attack in Syria in which allegedly 70 people died, while the murderous Israelis are killing Palestinians by the bushel daily.
https://southfront.org/israeli-officials-encourage-trump-strike-syria-response-alleged-chemical-attack-douma/ [2]

The Saker points out that Israel has its Washington puppet all fired up to attack Syrian and Russian forces in retaliation for a staged hoax.
http://thesaker.is/his-masters-voice-or-how-an-obedient-dog-goes-to-war/ [3]

The Russians say that they are not going to put up with an attack based on a hoax. The Russian Foreign Ministry warned that any foreign military actions against Syria over “fabricated” reports of chemical attacks may lead to the “gravest consequences.”

https://www.rt.com/news/423524-douma-chemical-attack-fake-moscow/ [4]

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