We’ve received emails from Canadian donors having troubles with the PayPal gateway and this is the response we’ve received from PayPal’s support:

Hi Paul,

This is in regards to your query for the problem your customer had in making donation in your website.

I’ve visited your site, http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/pages/donate/ and tried the button, it is working fine with Canada as its country in Credit Card payment option. I believe we already list all 13 provinces and territories of Canada. You should tell Canadians wishing to donate to make sure that their address tallies with the address in their credit card statement and make sure they don’t use the wrong provinces or territories. If they believe that we are missing a province, please let us know the name of it and we can check it out.

Meanwhile, for those who do not get the provinces selection, this usually happens when you do not specify an amount of the donation. If you are in this stage, what you can do is to fill in the donation amount, and in the country selection, select some other country and after it reloads, select again Canada. The provinces field should now appear.

I hope that these suggestions clear up the problem for your Canadian donors.

Have a good day,
Idraki Muhamad
Merchant Technical Support
PayPal, an eBay Company

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