Bill Gates’ Plan for the Genocide of the Human Race

Bill Gates’ Plan for the Genocide of the Human Race

Hitler only eliminated 6 million people according to the Holocaust story. But Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab intend to eliminate 7.6 billion people, and those to be eliminated don’t even complain.

Peter Koenig, a former insider in the international organizations explains the Bill Gates and World Economic Forum agenda of reducing the world’s population from 8.1 billion to 500 million. Most of us will be in the eliminated 7.6 billion. Think about that.

Think also about Hitler being demonized for allegedly eliminating 6 million Jews. Go compute what tiny fraction 6 million is of 7.6 billion, and wonder why Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum aren’t demonized. Instead, they are celebrities with whom politicians, corporate CEOs, university professors and media desire association. Every year Western “leadership” flocks to Davos to hear about the genocide of the human race and the dispossession of the 500 million left–“you will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

The TNT interview with Peter Koenig begins at about the 12 minute segment.

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