Chris Hedges describes the American university today

Chris Hedges describes the American university today

“The mandarins who run Columbia and other universities, corporatists who make salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, oversee academic plantations. They treat their poorly paid adjunct faculty, who often lack health insurance and benefits, like serfs. They slavishly serve the interests of wealthy donors and corporations. They are protected by private security. They despise students, forced into onerous debt peonage for their education, who are non-conformists, who defy their fiefdoms and call out their complicity in genocide.”

According to Biden, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, and House and Senate Republicans, students protesting genocide are hate groups engaged in lawlessness.

Columbia University’s president is “a British-Egyptian baroness who built her career at institutions such as the Bank of England, World Bank and International Monetary Fund.”

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