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Western Governments Have Declared Open Season on Their White Citizens

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Western Governments Have Declared Open Season on Their White Citizens

Paul Craig Roberts

Normal heterosexual white people are losing the protection of law in the Western world.  It is happening in some countries faster than in others.  Although women in Sweden and Norway do not have the same recourse to law when they are raped by immigrant-invaders as they have if raped by white Scandinavian men, it is in Great Britain and the US where the protection by law has collapsed most rapidly.  

A recent example in Great Britain is the case of Sam Melia.  Sam, a white British citizen, made available stickers that read:

Reject White Guilt

It’s ok to be White

We will be a minority in our homeland by 2066

White Lives Matter

Stop Anti-White Rape Gangs

Love your Nation

The BBC presstitutes branded Melia “a far-right activist.”  A piece of shit “judge” ruled that the stickers’ messages are “corrosive to our society.”  In other words the “judge” said that “our society is not white except for the corrosive elements in it who are opposed to Britain being overrun by immigrant-invaders.”  The piece of shit “judge,” with weaponized law in his hand, declared his opinion that Sam was an “antisemite with Nazi sympathies” and sentenced Sam to two years in prison.

Sam was charged with a “hate crime” for saying it is ok to be white.  He wasn’t charged with being an anti-semite or a Nazi sympathizer.  These were charges that the “judge” added.  The result is that a white British family with a two year old daughter and another child on the way will be devoid of a father, earner, and protector for two years.  


Meanwhile British “justice” gave a child pornographer no jail time.  The same “British justice” gave no jail time to a person who brain damaged a baby.  When criminals and immigrant-invaders get in trouble the ruling is that conviction would damage their careers.  So there is no one to convict but white British citizens.

Consider what British “justice” has done to Julian Assange.  British “justice” has kept him imprisoned in one form or the other for 12 years without any charges filed against him.  This is a massive violation of habeas corpus.  Today British “justice” is the same as the “justice” of the feudal lord who at his whim confined a person to a dungeon for life without recourse.

It is amazing what white people do to white people, but they won’t dare touch an immigrant-invader whatever he does.  That would be racist.

In the United States the situation is so bad that the federal government absolutely refuses to enforce the immigration laws on the books. The pro-overrun America regime in Washington actually ruled that Texas cannot even protect its own border.

The US border is wide open. According to official figures immigrant-invaders from 160 countries have been pouring into the United States during the Biden regime equal in number each year equivalent to the populations of 12 cities the size of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

All the while the dumbshit liberals say “replacement is misinformation.”  Well, so far the Biden regime, according to their very own understated figures, have given us White American Citizens immigrant-invaders in numbers equivalent to 36 cities the size of Pittsburgh.  After four years of fiercely anti-white Democrat rule, we will have 48 cities, according to official understated figures, of immigrant-invaders the size of Pittsburgh.

Four more years of Democrats and we will have, according to official understated numbers, immigrant-invaders present in the amount of 96 cities the size of Pillsburgh.

In other words, four more years of Democrat rule and America is no longer a white country.  It will be a tower of babel in which law is used to oppress white people.

White people don’t seen to care enough to stop the immigrant invasion.  For more than a half century white Americans have accepted second class  citizenship in university admissions, employment and promotion.

Only whites have to endure hate speech.  Only whites are racists if they complain of black crime. Only whites can be sent to prison for saying that their lives matter.

Everywhere in the Western world, every citizen who attempts to defend the  ethnic basis of his society is declared a racist.

In other words, everywhere in the Western world governments are committed to eliminating the white ethnicity of the countries that the ethnicities constituted:  Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy,  Belgium, Netherlands.  Britons, French, Germans, Italians, Dutch, will cease to exist.

This is the trajectory on which the Western world is traveling.

If you point it out, you are declared an “enemy of democracy.”

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