The Era of the West Has Passed

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The Era of the West Has Passed

Paul Craig Roberts

Globalists, who intend the destruction of sovereign nations, have labeled concerns with mass immigration to be racism as a way of discrediting the concerns and preventing discussion of the threat.  Immigrant-invaders, or as the euphemisms “refugees” and “asylum seekers” label them, are used to overwhelm ethnic nationalities and turn them into towers of babel in which there are no common interests, values, morals, religion, or culture.

A tower of babel is not a nation.  At best it is a geographical location, but it is not even that if it has no borders, which the US and Europe do not have.

Advocates of open borders say that the US is a nation of immigrants.  But they don’t say that it was controlled immigration consisting of immigrants from white European countries who as a condition of admittance had to learn English, pass an exam on the US Constitution, and integrate themselves into the existing society and culture.  They were not allowed to set up separate cultures, and businesses answered the phone only in English.  Additionally, the immigration was periodically halted in order to allow time for assimilation before accepting more immigrants.

Today millions of non-white people from unrelated cultures walk across the border every year.  Businesses answer telephones in Spanish and English.  Federal agencies respond to 40 or more foreign languages.  Separate cultures with non-Christian religions exist as independent entities, and a system of preferences that favors non-white people has been institutionalized.  

In other words the society, politics, and culture of the ethnic nationalities that created what formerly was a nation are being erased.  In education, health care, business, and government power is passing out of the hands of the ethnic majority that created the nation.  Great Britain has an Indian prime minister. The London mayor is a Muslim.  Recently two federal judges born in India ruled against President Trump, a ruling that violates both the Constitution and powers of the President. The CEO of IBM, Arvind Krishna is an Indian.  He pulled IBM ads from X, accusing Elon Musk of racism, and he announced that he will fire, demote, or strip bonuses from IBM managers who don’t hire enough blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims, or who hire too many Asians and whites.  

The communications director of Red Hat, an IBM subsidiary, said that Red Hat had terminated employees because they weren’t willing to engage in racial discrimination through hiring and promotion quotas.

Hiring, promotion, and “inclusion” quotas are violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and they are unconstitutional under the US Constitution and its amendments, such as the 14th.

But notice that the Indian running IBM has no hesitancy about using his power to force IBM executives and managers to violate US law and Constitution in order to advance “preferred minorities” at the expense of members of the white ethnic majority and Asians.  This is what happens when a nation ceases to require assimilation.  The CEO of IBM is an unassimilated immigrant who has no respect for US law or the US Constitution.  

An article by Ian Henderson in Chronicles magazine in July, 2022, showed that, unlike Western governments, both Russia and China protect the ethnic culture from immigrants and prevent cultural destruction by Woke ideologues and moral destruction by sexual perverts.

Henderson points out that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “strongly upholds traditional views on gender roles, race, sexuality, and family—more so than the Republican Party or mainstream conservatives in America. A major example of China’s conservatism is the CCP’s view on LGBTQ rights. Same-sex couples are unable to marry or adopt, and households headed by such couples are ineligible for the same legal protections available to heterosexual couples, and no anti-discrimination protections exist for LGBTQ people. Contrast these policies with the views of mainstream American conservatism, which now seems deeply committed to gay marriage, an institution enthusiastically endorsed by the likes of National Review and the National Conservatism Conference.”

“In short, Chinese leaders seek to promote masculinity and strength, and to uphold and expand their inherited Han civilization. They feel they cannot do that with homosexuals, transgenders, or feminists running government institutions and the military—or even exerting influence over forms of entertainment.”

“Another way that the CCP tries to protect its youth is by a recently mandated limit of three hours per week for online gaming and by prohibiting it altogether during school days. The CCP has further mandated that game developers must submit new titles for government approval before their release, and the developers are encouraged to include nationalistic themes.

“Instead of allowing their youth to descend into unlimited virtual gaming, the government has financially backed fitness and discipline camps (akin to Boy Scouts on steroids) for elementary, middle, and high school–aged boys. While this may seem drastic, the CCP leadership sees these moves as necessary to prevent China’s youth from becoming like the West’s increasingly feminized and entitled generation, who prioritize trans rights, political correctness, and diversity over the preservation of national identity and inherited social mores.”

Russia also “has strict laws limiting homosexual expression and supporting traditional gender roles, Christian morals, and national identity.” Russia’s strong immigration laws have widespread support. 

In short, “Self-hatred in the form of questioning societal mores, gender roles, the concepts of parenthood and family, national identity, and so forth, seems to be a uniquely Western, postmodern phenomenon. After centuries of the glacial advance of liberalization, the West’s embrace of cultural Marxism, guilt, and self-hatred sprang into existence with the countercultural movement of the 1960s, snowballing into feminism, LGBTQ rights, and the rejection of the nuclear family. This upheaval, coupled with almost unrestricted immigration, degraded the religious and cultural components of the older Western order and brought forth a disjointed, multicultural America.”

In contrast to the enfeebled, feminized, deracinated culture that characterizes the entirety of the Western world, China and Russia uphold a strong, masculine, traditional culture and protect it from deracination.  It is completely obvious that the era of the West is over. 

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