The Department of Homeland Security Is a Threat to the Homeland

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The Department of Homeland Security Is a Threat to the Homeland

Paul Craig Roberts

Efforts by Biden regime appointees in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  and Border Patrol to release millions of illegal entrants into local US communities have been blocked by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in a lawsuit brought against the Biden DHS by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. 

Americans do not know what is going on because there is no American media to tell them.  The US media–CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post– function as a propaganda ministry for the Biden regime and the elite establishment that the Biden regime fronts for.

The Department of Homeland Security is a George W. Bush regime creation.  The name has always bothered me because of its Gestapo connotations. It is more worrisome because the Biden regime associates the security of the homeland with the release of millions of illegal entrants into local communities.  In other words, the DHS is providing the opposite of securing the homeland. Biden is giving a pat on the back to illegal entrants who have violated US law.

The US has an annual military/security budget of $1 trillion.  These massive expenditures are supposed to keep America from being overrun by foreign troops. But as Jean Raspail demonstrates in The Camp of the Saints, there is no difference between being overrun by armed troops and unarmed illegal entrants.  Just as the French in Raspail’s novel allow the illegals to flood into France, the Department of Homeland Security believes, or claims to believe, that releasing millions of illegal entrants into US communities “protects the Homeland.”

DHS appealed the court ruling and lost. The DHS appeal argument is nonsensical.  DHS told the court that blocking its  release plan undermines “the Executive Branch’s constitutional and statutory authority to implement its immigration priorities and secure the border.”  In other words Biden’s DHS claims that the border is made insecure by not releasing millions of entrants who illegally entered the United States.  

DHS alleged that not being able to release millions of people into the U.S. prevents it from apprehending illegal foreign nationals who are illegally entering the U.S!  In other words, we have to release them so we can continue to apprehend them.  And that is precisely what the Biden policy is–catch and release.  Catch and release into the Red States where the Biden Justice (sic) Department will give them the vote because otherwise it is racist to let people live in America without voting.

Notice that the border patrol officers are all Hispanics. The Biden Border Control Chief is Raul Ortiz. The sector border patrol chief for the Rio Grande Valley is Gloria Chavez. This is what used to be called the fox guarding the hen house. Is what we are observing the entry of illegals admitted by those who themselves successfully entered?

Yes, I know.  Americanized Hispanics, are opposed to illegal entry.  Yes, I know. Hispanics are people to be judged on the basis of their character as I judge everyone.  I actually prefer Hispanics to white liberals and the white Woke scum. The Hispanics I know are hard working people, moral and trustworthy, the way Americans used to be.

The point is not that whites are better than “people of color” or vice versa. The point is that a nation consists of a homogeneous population.  Collections of ethnicities are not nations. They are towers of babel, and that is what all Western countries are today. Under the ideology of Identity Politics, towers of babel are socially and politically unstable.

The United States is ceasing to exist as a nation.  The founding white ethnicities have been reduced to 60% of the population of the country they founded and created.  The Biden regime is determined to reduce the founding ethnicity to minority status, the  better to steal their country from them.

The fact of the matter is that the country is already largely stolen.  The US military celebrates sexual perversity. Truth-tellers are persecuted and held in prison, like Julian Assange, without due process of law. Public expressions of Christianity are cause for arrest. History is rewritten to comply with Woke ideology. The Universities, media, and public schools are propaganda centers, beating into the heads of white students that they are racist oppressors and could be born into the wrong body.  

The US Constitution, the protector of our liberty, is regarded by university faculties, media, and law schools as a “white supremacy document” that prevents equity, by which is meant the revolutionizing of society.

It goes on.  In America today, if you tell the truth you have a target on your back.  No country can survive this and remain free.

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