America on the Brink by David Ray Griffin

America on the Brink by David Ray Griffin

Paul  Craig Roberts

Unlike today’s ideological academics, David Ray Griffin was a true scholar. His contributions to Western Civilization have been recorded by others.  No need for me to repeat them.  

David Ray Griffins’s works represent the epitome of Western Civilization.  Scholars of his distinction and commitment are no longer possible.  The replacement mechanism has been destroyed by the criminalization of Western Civilization and free inquiry.  In place of scholars, universities are now homes for Woke ideologues who hate Western Civilization and white people and carry on campaigns against both.

Everywhere we see this. Monuments removed. Plaques taken down. Universities denouncing and removing memorabilia of those who founded the universities.  The white ethnicities demonized beyond  repair as racists, oppressors, exploiters.

When I look at the Western World, I see the passing of truth as it leaves going to where?  Where does truth go when it is no longer allowed?  Does it simply cease to exist?  Does it reappear elsewhere?  If only I could have had this discussion with David Ray Griffin.

Professor Griffin gave us, if memory serves, 10 books or more about the 9/11 and anthrax deceptions that were used to commit the US to the utter ruin of its reputation with its falsely based wars in the Middle East. In his posthumous book, America on the Brink (Clarity Press, 2023), Griffin notes that America’s neoconservative foreign policy is bringing us to nuclear confrontation with Russia.

Griffin points out that the neoconservatives’ notion of American hegemony over the world has origins in the 1845 idea of America’s “manifest destiny.”

This destiny spread from the US where it destroyed the Confederacy and the Plains Indians to Mexico, South America, the West Indies, and Canada. In 1850 an American newspaper editor declared that the American empire extended to the “gates of the Chinese empire which must be thrown down.” Moreover, declared the editor, “the American eagle of the republic shall poise itself over the field of Waterloo” and the successor of George Washington must “ascend the chair of universal empire.”

So, Empire is the answer.  

But is it?  When foreign policy is based on bribing and intimidating other countries, diplomacy becomes the application of force. For the United States to impose its hegemony on other countries and to be always at war raises questions whether the United States is a democracy, or whether the soul that the Founding Fathers attempted to implant in the new country was ejected early in its history. 

The neoconservatives justify US hegemony on the grounds of their claim that the US is “benevolent” and its imperial power is benign.  But as David Ray Griffin points out, after Iran, Cuba, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Panama, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, and Ukraine, and, of course Venezuela, Julian Assange, and others, the world sees nothing benevolent or benign in Washington.  Instead, the world sees systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless crimes and has come to regard America as the greatest danger to the world. Indeed, America is seen as the embodiment of evil.

This has eroded American leadership and has resulted in other power centers disengaging from the Washington-dominated Western World, leaving Washington with aspirations in excess of its capability.  The inability of America to accept its scaled-down position is leading to nuclear war.

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