The Destruction of Western Civilization Is Almost Complete

Truth cannot exist without the people’s support.

The Destruction of Western Civilization Is Almost Complete

Western Civilization Has Been Tossed into the Memory Hole 

Paul Craig Roberts

A children’s choir was stopped from singing the US National Anthem in the US Capitol by Capitol police because it might offend someone. 

The Bible is being removed from Utah public schools because it is a danger to children. 

Facebook has ruled that Christian statements violate Facebook’s “community standards on hate speech.” 

The EU says Elon Musk’s free speech policy for Twitter constitutes “disinformation.” 

White people are a myth says Cambridge University.  

Cambridge University is teaching students that the Anglo-Saxons never existed as a distinct ethnic group, in an effort to “dismantle the myths” of English nationalism, The UK Telegraph reported on Saturday. Liberal academics have long decried the term for its association with “whiteness.” 


We can’t have a nation because nations offend.

We can’t have Christianity because Christianity offends.

We can’t have free speech because free speech offends.

We can’t have whiteness because whiteness is racist and offends.

These are the stated positions of the US Capitol Police, Utah public school district, Facebook, the European Union, and Cambridge University.

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