The Falsification of History

The Falsification of History

Despite Governor Ron DeSantis’ best effort, education at the University of Florida is based on extraordinary bias and discrimination against white people that is designed to destroy their confidence. 

How does America recover when we have lost every institution in society to a revolutionary force that is controlling speech, thought, substituting official narratives for truth, rewriting history, and normalizing perversity?

Even the military is lost.  In a rewriting of history the names of military bases are changed.  The US Navy holds drag queen events.  The Army, Air Force, and Marines are subject to relentless indoctrination that white people are racist.  Promotions are race-based.  US universities have race-based scholarships and faculty appointments.  Years ago scholarships established for white males were overturned as unconstitutional.  Now we have unconstitutional scholarships for blacks.  If a person complains, it means the person is a racist.

Privilege Before the Law is now the rule in America.  White people have become second class citizens.  The majority has been dispossessed, as Wilmot Robertson warned a half century ago.

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