The FBI Must Be Held Accountable for Russiagate

The FBI Must Be Held Accountable for Russiagate

Paul Craig Roberts

The long awaited US Justice Department “Russiagate” report by Special Counsel John Durham exonerated President Donald Trump from false charges and performed the important public service of making law and order conservatives aware that their beloved FBI is a criminal agency that created a false narrative for the purpose of discrediting President Trump and preventing him from reducing the dangerous tensions between the two main nuclear powers by normalizing relations with Russia. Trump’s intent would have taken away the Russian enemy necessary to the budgets and power of the US military/security complex. 

Durham names former Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, former Director of FBI Counterintelligence, as responsible for the plot to destroy a sitting president of the United States.  Durham’s 300 page report confirms what Trump said from the beginning that Russiagate was a FBI witch hunt completely devoid of evidence.

This has been hard on the print and TV and NPR presstitutes, who instead of actually investigating the Russiagate charges, served the FBI and the Democrats as a propaganda ministry preaching to the deceived American public the unfounded charges as if they were absolute truth handed down by God.  The American presstitute media, having failed to tell the truth about anything for the past three decades, and little before, was already on the credibility ropes, shedding viewers and readers to the extent that they are so dependent on advertisers’ revenue and under-the-table government and politicized NGO grants that they cannot afford to tell the truth.

CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox News, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post have lied so much that it is a comment on the insouciance and stupidity of the shrinking number of Americans who still rely on them.

Having made it clear that I regard Durham’s report as a public service to our country and our hopes of becoming again a free people, I now present my criticisms of Special Counsel John Durham’s report.

Durham’s report shields from responsibility for Russiagate both FBI director James B. Comey and FBI director Christopher Wray, Trump’s own amazingly stupid appointment.  Why does Durham shield these two conspirators against President Trump? As the US no longer has an investigatory media dedicated to establishing the truth, we will never know unless Durham tells us. I suspect the answer to my question is that Durham took all the risk possible for him to take by exonerating Trump and by proving that the FBI’s orchestrated “Russiagate” was a hoax.  McCabe and Strzok are not as protected by the ruling elite as Comey and Wray.

My next question is why did it take Durham so many years to establish what was crystal clear in 2017?  We knew from day one that Russiagate was a hoax. A federal judge, a member of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court resigned.  As far a I can ascertain, US District Judge James Robertson resigned on the grounds that if the FBI can lie to a federal court  without accountability, he doesn’t want to be on the lied-to court. Even the whore media Washington Post reported his resignation: 

The FISA Court tried to find out how many lies the Justice Department’s operatives were telling them, but seems to have failed:  Courts have no armed enforcement agents, so it is easy for the Executive Branch to ignore them.

My last question, the fundamental question, is:  Why did Durham suggest no indictments of the FBI personnel who clearly conducted treason against a sitting president of the United States, a high crime of treason punished by the death sentence?  The presstitutes–CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBS, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post–quickly closed this question by emphasizing how “embarrassed” the FBI was, in Durham’s words, by “failing to uphold their mission.”

Cleverly, the whore media has defined the FBI’s punishment not as indictment for treason, a high crime, but “embarrassment.”  The FBI’s treason is resolved as a case of FBI embarrassment. 

This is America today.  There is zero accountability of Government.  There will be no accountability unless Americans, what is left of them, succeed in a revolution against the Satanic tyrannical powers that are stealing their country from them.


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