Are Western Peoples Capable of Protecting their Liberty?

Are Western Peoples Capable of Protecting their Liberty?

Paul Craig Roberts

Why did the FBI engage in illegal surveillance of those opposed to mandated Covid vaccination?  How is it that a federal police investigatory agency came to view behavior protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution as a possible felony? 

This should enrage Americans. They should be in the streets in the tens of millions demanding the abolishment of the FBI–the greatest threat to American Freedom in the history of our country.  Instead, the indoctrinated population thinks Russia, China, and Iran are the enemies.

Instead of defending their liberty, Americans tolerate tyranny.  They are told that tyranny protects them from terrorists, misinformation, and white supremacists.  

Here is the report on the FBI’s surveillance of online sites against Covid Vaccine Mandates:  

Matt Taibbi, formerly the star attraction on the leftwing magazine Rolling Stone until he was recently fired for telling the truth instead of regurgitating Official Narratives, has a new Internet site where he continues to expose the liars who protect Official Narratives.

In a recent offering, Taibbi named 50 of the main groups that our rulers organized and finance to censor truth and control what we think and believe.  He provides a diagram of “The Censorship Industrial Complex.”  Note that the largest group of truth-suppressors are the so-called “fact checkers.”  In case anyone hasn’t yet caught on, “fact checkers” are self-declared websites paid to suppress truth and to uphold Official Narratives.  

The second largest group of hired liars are NGOs–nongovernmental organizations financed by George Soros and the large private foundations.  Multi-billionaires and foundations established by successful families of American industry use wealth not in defense of freedom but to keep Americans locked up in The Matrix where free thought and free speech are prohibited.

Here is Taibbi’s report on the highly organized suppression of truth: 

The PCR test (not related to me) used by the corrupt medical establishment to vastly exaggerate the “Covid Pandemic,” was denounced by its inventor as anything but a measure of Covid infection.  The test was imposed by Big Pharma and its marketing agents–FDA, NIH, CDC–and scared people into rushing to be injected with an untested substance that has caused massive deaths and health injuries (see my previous reports on the hard evidence of vaccine death that no one is capable of refuting.)

The entire time scientists at Stanford University, certainly not a rightwing or Trump establishment, had a test that accurately determined whether an individual had Covid and was infectious.  This was in May 2020. 

Use of the test would have massively reduced the number of “Covid infections” and prevented the use of hyped-fear by the media whores to drive people into killing themselves and injuring their health permanently by being vaccinated. But the medical established deep-sixed the only reliable test for Covid.

In other words, Big Pharma’s largest profits in history would not have materialized.  The Western governments would not have been able to claim extraordinary conditions in order to suspend civil liberties.  Without the PCR test–now acknowledged as invalid–the fear factor would have been missing, and many dead and health-damaged people would still be alive and well.

Insouciance has a cost, and so does the toleration of Official Narratives.

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