Indecisive Kremlin Breeds Ever More Problems for Itself

Indecisive Kremlin Breeds Ever More Problems for Itself

Paul Craig Roberts

Just as the Kremlin lacks the decisiveness to bring the Ukrainian conflict to an end, the Kremlin has failed to bring the conflict in Syria to an end.

The Kremlin sat on its butt deceiving itself with a Minsk Agreement for 8 years while the US built up an Ukrainian army that forced Russia to intervene militarily in Donbass in 2022.  The Kremlin has repeated the same mistake in Syria, intervening in 2015 to prevent the US from overthrowing the Assad government, but never finishing the job.  The Kremlin foolishly left a small part of Syria in the hands of Washington and its Daesh mercenaries, and now is faced with Washington creating a new “Free Syria Army” composed of terrorist organizations.  Thus, the Kremlin’s indecisiveness has resulted in Washington’s renewed destabilization of Syria.

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov admitted today that “the US has began to create the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ in the vicinity of the Syrian Raqqa with the participation of representatives of local Arab tribes, militants of Daesh and other terrorist organizations.”

Displaying the accustomed unrealism of the Russian government, Lavrov declared that the US should stop undermining peace in the region and respect the will of the people of the Middle East.  Fat chance.  How could any Russian official believe such nonsense.

The Kremlin underlined its indecisiveness by permitting Israel for the past 8 years to conduct air and missile attacks on Syrian territory and prohibiting Syria from using Russian air defense systems to down the Israeli jet fighters.  

It seems the Kremlin is incapable of bringing its interventions to a successful conclusion, thereby encouraging more provocations and insults of Russia.  Thus, the Kremlin’s inability to finish the job is leading to a wider war.–lavrov-1110234577.html 

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