No More Truth from Fox News

No More Truth from Fox News

Paul Craig Roberts

As I have reported over and over, truth-tellers are being eliminated.  Now it is the most popular TV host with the largest following that has been jettisoned.

It is highly unusual, indeed extraordinary, for a media company to suddenly cancel its star primetime host, especially when the show is booming while other TV news loses credibility and viewers.  Here is the report just released by The Epoch Times:

“Fox News on Monday confirmed that it ‘parted ways’ with popular primetime host Tucker Carlson, offering no explanation why.

“’FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways. We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor,’ said a news release from the news channel.

“The release said that his departure from the network is effective immediately. Carlson’s last show was on Friday, April 21. It means that Carlson will not have the opportunity to host a final Fox News show and bid his viewers farewell.”

Perhaps some explanation of why Fox News would shoot itself in the head will emerge.  On the other hand it is possible that a scandal will be concocted with a porn star claiming that Tucker raped her.

My bet is that the true story is that the Biden regime’s FBI or DOJ got to Carlson’s advertisers or threats were made to Rupert or Lachlan Murdoch.  The conversion of law into a weapon in the US and UK makes it a simple thing for the ruling elite to receive “cooperation.” The Western media no longer holds government accountable.  It serves the agendas of the ruling elite.

Will Tucker Carlson’s fans stick with Fox News?  Most likely.  Few Americans appreciate or will stand up for those who stand up for them.  This is why America is doomed.  

On the other hand, there is an equally disturbing alternative explanation.  News reporting, especially if it is true, has now been equated with defamation.  A large number of experts gave evidence that Trump’s reelection was stolen by a variety of means.  One means was the ability to program voting machines how to count votes differently from how they were cast, and another was their vulnerability to be hacked.  Tucker Carlson reported what the experts said, and Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox News for defamation. But, of course, reporting what experts testified is not defamation.  Perhaps the law suit itself was a concoction designed for Carlson’s dismissal.

One thing is certain.  Carlson’s dismissal, the Democrats’ attempt to imprison Matt Taibbi for reporting on the Twitter files released by Elon Musk, the imprisonment of Trump supporters for attending a rally, and Trump’s phony indictment sends a strong and intimidating message that freedom of speech and association are dead letter Constitutional rights.  America has changed. As truth is not permitted, it can no longer make us free.

“Tucker Carlson Leaves Fox News, Effective Immediately, April 24, 2023” 

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