The Death of Law-Based Justice

The Death of Law-Based Justice

Paul Craig Roberts

I have stressed for many years that prosecutors and judges have turned trials into convicting the defendant regardless of innocence or guilt.  The methods of producing convictions include withholding exculpatory evidence of the defendant, paying false witnesses with money or reduced or dropped charges for false testimony against the defendant, and piling on false charges until the defendant gives up and incriminates himself with a plea bargain (The Tyranny of Good Intentions, 2000).

US Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves’ illegitimate cases against Trump supporters for a nonexistent “January 6 insurrection” can’t stand the light of day.  Therefore, Graves hides the exonerating video evidence of his victims.  The Biden regime’s Justice (sic) Department declares the exonerating evidence “highly sensitive” and refuses to release the exonerating evidence on the grounds that the release would pose a security threat.  Clearly, the release would be a threat to the Stalinist Show Trials of Trump supporters.

It is another conclusive sign of American collapse into a tyrannical  Stalinist state that so many Americans accept the demonization of Trump’s supporters and their illegitimate prosecution for political propaganda purposes and illegitimate imprisonment for participating in an “insurrection” that never happened. The dumbshit liberal Democrats delighting in the Biden regime’s abuse of Trump’s supporters are not sufficiently intelligent to understand that the death of the rule of law means their own lack of safety.  

America has reached the point of the Stalinist 1930s when an assertion by the government suffices as evidence for punishment. Consequently, no American is safe from the government. 

“Feds Still Fighting Release of January 6 Tapes Despite Mounting Legal Pressure”  by Julie Kelly 

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