Some Comments on the Inanities of Our Time

Some Comments on the Inanities of Our Time

Paul Craig Roberts

Democrat NY prosecutor Alvin Bragg, a Harvard Quota Graduate, has gone all out to influence the upcoming presidential election by rigging a false indictment of the principal Republican candidate designed to use up Trump’s time and energy in court proceedings, thus preventing Trump from campaigning.  Yet Bragg, clearly guilty of influencing an election, charges Trump with interfering with an election–his own.

The 16-page indictment and accompanying statement of facts reported that Trump “orchestrated a scheme with others to influence the 2016 presidential election by identifying and purchasing negative information about him to suppress its publication and benefit the defendant’s electoral prospects.”


Alvin Bragg invokes “states rights,” destroyed in 1865 by Lincoln’s victory over the Southern states, to protect himself and his fake lawsuit against Trump from oversight by the US Congress.  Where, asked US Rep. Jim Jordan did federal funds come from for a state to use to concoct a fake case against a former US president?  If a state can prosecute a president for politically motivated reasons, the separation of powers between federal and state governments is violated, leaving serving presidents compromised in their ability to put national interests above state interests.  So Bragg sues Jordan for what Bragg himself is doing.

Another woman has turned up — surprise, surprise.  This one accuses Trump of raping her a quarter century ago.  When Trump denied the unsubstantiated charge, the woman filed a defamation lawsuit against Trump.  In other words, by defending himself Trump is supposed to have defamed his accuser.  If this stands, it is the end of “innocent until proven guilty.”  Accusation becomes the same as conviction. 


Patriotic Republicans who wave the flag against perceived enemies are war addicts under the thumb of the military/security complex and thus incapable of pursuing peace.  The One China policy has been US foreign policy since the Nixon administration a half century ago.  Under the US One China policy Taiwan is part of China.  But if China moves to prevent a breakaway Taiwan, as Republicans did to prevent a breakaway Confederacy, the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee says the US Congress would authorize a direct military confrontation with China and put boots on the ground.  In other words, Republicans support the National Security State uber alles. 

We see the same idiocy in Republicans’ threat to send the US military into Mexico to go to war against the drug cartels. 


While the Democrats attempt to prosecute Trump on a non-charge, a legal group uncovers evidence that the FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home was instigated by the Biden White House. This validates the suspicion that the FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home was a political act unrelated to law enforcement. 


Guantanamo Court Filing Reveals CIA Was in Contact with two Alleged 9/11 Hijackers.

This implies CIA had advanced warning if you believe the official story of 9/11.  More likely, the alleged hijackers were organized as a coverup for an inside job.  Hijackers didn’t plant the explosives that brought down the 3 WTC skyscrapers. 


That Americans face a difficult future is still being kept from them.  Now that Federal and state governments, business, and consumers are deeply in debt, geopolitics is undermining the US dollar.  To escape Washington’s sanctions and financial bullying, countries are settling their trade balances in different currencies.  Saudi Arabia is accepting payment for oil in other currencies, thus deep-sixing the petro-dollar. The supply of dollars continues to increase, but the demand for them is falling. Given US dependence on imports, thanks to the offshoring of US manufacturing jobs, a drop in the dollar’s exchange value means a rise in inflation. When inflation is caused by dollar collapse, the Federal Reserve is powerless.  The answer cannot be monetary restriction, because dollar-denominated debt has to be issued to cover deficits in the balance of payments and government budgets.  The result for Americans will be inflation and declining living standards.

The US economy has been so badly damaged consistently since the Clinton regime that recovery is unlikely. Thirty years of doing everything wrong is hard to recover from. 

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