Historical Lies Used to Demonize a Classic Historical Novel

Historical Lies Used to Demonize a Classic Historical Novel

Paul Craig Roberts

Classic American novel slapped with ‘trigger warning’

Gone with the Wind now begins with a cautionary note and a lengthy condemnation of “white supremacy”

This is an example of the falsification of American history.  Gone With The Wind, a classic love story set during the period of the destruction by violence of the Confederate States of America has been reduced by frauds to “white supremacy.”  

The cowardly or brainwashed publisher hired a nitwit academic to write a preface deploring the evils of racism.  Not only is the classic book not about racism, slavery is not racism.  All races have been slaves.  Historians have established that there were far more white slaves than black ones. 

It is a historical fact that no Southern white ever enslaved a black slave.  Large southern plantations had work forces comprised of blacks enslaved by blacks in African slave wars and sold to Arabs and to Europeans, who brought them to the new world which lacked a work force.  The plantation owners, a few of which were black, owned blacks enslaved in Africa by blacks.  

The manufacturers of “racism” have turned ordinary words used for centuries with no racist connotation into “hurtful and harmful phrases and terminology.”  Even “fat” and “ugly” are now scrubbed as “offensive terms.”  In other words, ordinary descriptive words cannot be used. 

An historically illiterate English novelist, Philippa Gregory, contributes to the despoliation of a beloved classic with an introductory  essay to the book in which she declares that Gone With The Wind “defends racism and glamorizes and preaches white supremacy. It tells us, unequivocally, that African people are not of the same species as white people.”  Dear stupid Philippa Gregory, black African slave wars were the source of enslaved blacks.  The enslaved blacks were brought to British colonies long before the existence of the United States and the Confederate States.  Did blacks enslave blacks because blacks believed that African people are not of the same species as white people?  

For the Founding Fathers of the United States and for the South, slavery was an inherited institution.  The legality and ubiquitousness of slavery preceded the existence of all countries in the New World.

How is it possible that facts so well documented can be replaced with fraudulent history?  


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