Bar Owners Report Customers No Longer Order Bud Light

Bar Owners Report Customers No Longer Order Bud Light

One upon a time companies were in the business of making money.  Some still are, but not Budweiser.  That company’s nitwit executives and board have gone into the business of pushing an “inclusive ideology,” which means using the company to advance sexual perversion and transgender idiocy that teaches men and women to believe they were born into the wrong body. 

Budweiser appointed a LBGT+ advocate, Alissa Heinerscheld to lead Bud Light.  And she  promptly deep-sixed it.

We must ask what has happened to corporations and boards that causes them to think their role is to advance Americans toward Sodom & Gomorrah? 


Bud Light Hit with Terrible News from Heartland, Rural America

Beer distributors are reportedly “spooked” after Anheuser-Busch products failed to sell in the South and in middle America over the weekend. 


A takeoff on Allissa Heinerscheid, Budweiser’s transgender agent

Heinerscheid’s Transgender ad for Bud Light has not gone down well. 

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