Steve Kirsch Is an American Hero

Steve Kirsch Is an American Hero

Paul Craig Roberts

Steve Kirsch, a tech multimillionaire, founder of several companies and inventor of the optical mouse, is also known for his factual articles exposing the dangers of the Covid mRNA “vaccines.”

Recently a medical journal published a scientific paper by Mark Skidmore that proved the deadly “vaccines” killed 217,000 Americans in the first year of the “vaccine” rollout.  Someone or  some entity brought pressure on the journal to retract, or take down, the article because it disproves the official narrative that the “vaccine” is safe.

Kirsch is suing the medical journal’s editor, board, and publisher to find out who or what entity has forced the scientific publication to suppress the truth.

That scientific journals can be coerced into suppressing truth tells us how powerful and determined are those who rule us and how determined they are that they control our minds, emotions, and the way we think and perceive. In America what is governed is what we think.

We live in The Matrix which is ever tightening its grip.  Kirsch has a quarter of a billion dollars and high intelligence to protect him, but I suspect a fake criminal case is being prepared, or an assassin is being groomed, in order to silence him.

A free country that respects truth is the very last thing the elite are willing for America to be. 

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