Showpiece of Democrats’ Insurrection Show Trials Suddenly Released from Prison

Showpiece of Democrats’ Insurrection Show Trials Suddenly Released from Prison

Paul Craig Roberts

Jacob Chansley, labeled “Q-Anon Shaman” by the presstitutes, was released from prison after Tucker Carlson showed videos that revealed no insurrection but Chansley being shown around inside the capital by police officers.  Prosecutors, of course, never admit that they framed anyone, so they say the proof of his innocence, which they withheld from Chansley’s attorneys at the trial, was not the reason for his release.  The whore media, of course, repeats the official line that Chansley’s release is unrelated to his innocence.  The only function of the American media is to support the official lies.

However, Chansley’s attorney is unsatisfied with just Chansley’s release and is filing a motion to vacate Chansley’s conviction. Chansley’s attorney has informed the Justice (sic) Department that the video evidence contradicts the prosecutor’s case–essentially lies to the judge and jury, and is “materially exculpatory” removing Chansley from charges.  We have here a clear case of prosecutorial misconduct.  It is the dishonest prosecutor serving a political agenda instead of justice who should be indicted and sent to prison. 

Dumbshit Americans who are sufficiently stupid to believe that they have a justice system point to Chansley having made a guilty plea as evidence of his guilt.  Almost all felony charges are settled with a guilty plea, because no defendant or his attorney expects a fair trial.  There are so few trials that there are judges and prosecutors who have never conducted a trial.  Many are unfamiliar with court process.  Chansley copped a plea on a minor charge  of “obstructing an official proceeding” in order to avoid several more serious false charges. To soften him up, he was held in solitary confinement for eleven months.  The US Constitution prevents people being held in solitary confinement for such a minor charge. But the corrupt Democrats have weaponized law.  

Today laws are invented by prosecutors who indict people for offenses never before charged, as has happened to President Trump.  The Democrats have made the decision to compete for power with false indictments, not in elections, which they use their big city regimes to steal.  Democrats are no longer even familiar with American law. Nancy Pelosi, the previous Speaker of the House of Representatives, just declared that Trump has “to prove his innocence.” 

It is extraordinary that a Speaker of the House is so legally illiterate as to be ignorant that Americans are innocent until proven guilty in a trial.  Americans do not have to prove their innocence. Americans have to be proven guilty in a court trial with the verdict given by a jury of the defendants’ peers.  In a diverse, multicultural society, a jury of peers is impossible. As blacks, who are taught to hate white people as “racist oppressors,” must be on the jury, no white person has a jury of his peers. He has jurors who are out to get him because he is a racist oppressor. Similarly, an all black jury would never convict a black regardless of the evidence.   

Moreover, judges help prosecutors falsely convict defendants by ruling that exculpatory evidence can be withheld, by allowing prosecutors to bribe witnesses to falsely testify, and by falsely summarizing the case for jurors.  

Hardly anyone can afford the cost of a trial, especially when there is no expectation of a fair one.  Consequently, 97% of felony charges are settled by self-incrimination in a plea bargain. Whatever this is, it is not a system of law.  As police and prosecutorial evidence is hardly ever tested in a court, we have no idea how many self-convicted defendants are actually guilty.

Just as the United States has no respect for international law, the United States has no respect for its own law.  

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