Black Quota Hire Falsely Indicts President Trump

Black Quota Hire Falsely Indicts President Trump

Paul Craig Roberts

As I emphasize, “diversity” and “multiculturalism” set the stage for Identity Politics and the weaponization of the prosecutorial function.  The short-sighted indictment by a black quota hire of a President for allegedly misreporting a “hush money” payment to porn woman Stormy Daniels could backfire.  One look at Trump’s wife tells you that the last thing Trump needs is a liaison with an aging porn woman.  As Daniels’ charge appeared just before the 2016 election, I see the charge as extortion, although possibly she was bribed by George Soros or Democrats.  The intent was to damage Trump or extort money, and the safest thing to do is to pay her off.

That the black NY “justice” system indicts President Trump for what is a non-crime but nothing is done about the serious revelations revealed on Hunter Biden’s laptop will further divide an already dangerously divided country and create the impression of blacks and Democrats as irresponsible in the administration of law.  Alvin Bragg the black  Democrat who indicted Trump in service to a political agenda is relying on the hatred of Trump created by the whore American media to keep focus off the fact that he has played fast and loose with the law.

Possibly Bragg has made a fatal miscalculation that could result in the transformation of the Republican Party.  Establishment Republicans such as Mitch McConnell welcome the removal of Trump as much as do the CIA, FBI, and Democrats.  But the majority of Republican voters are Trump supporters.  If the Republican Party fails to rally to Trump’s support, the party will lose its voters. 

Bragg’s indictment of Trump is a test of the Republican Establishment.  Instead of Trump’s downfall it might bring the downfall of Mitch McConnell and the rise of Republican leaders like Jim Jordan and Ron DeSantis.  

If not, the white American majority will have no political party to represent them in an era clearly dominated by Identity Politics.


Case Against Trump Is a Legal Disgrace

Trump and Republicans interpret the indictment of Trump as a black Democrat prosecutor’s interference in the forthcoming presidential election. 

Glenn Beck believes Republicans are misreading the situation.  Beck thinks the indictment is a Democrat attempt at provoking massive violence that they can use to shut the door on freedom and the Constitution. 

Either way, the Democrats are guilty of a crime against the American people.

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