The Kremlin Still Has Not Committed the Russian Army to the Ukrainian Conflict

The Kremlin Still Has Not Committed the Russian Army to the Ukrainian Conflict

Paul Craig Roberts

A large US/NATO trained and equipped Ukrainian army is being slowly defeated by a private Russian military company and Donbass militias.  From the beginning the process has been one of slow village by village slug-fest.  The question I continually raise is why does the Kremlin proceed in this way when the main result is to give the US/NATO time to get involved and to supply increasingly more effective and longer range weapons to Ukraine, thus both widening the war and causing higher Russian casualties.  From a military standpoint, the Kremlin’s policy is nonsensical.

One consequence is that some are now theorizing a conspiracy between the US and Russia to create a war for some globalist or World Economic Forum reason.  In other words, some are beginning to see the war as another hoax on mankind with an agenda different from the declared opposing agendas of Russia and US. This doesn’t help Putin’s reputation or Biden’s.

As there is no obvious explanation for the Kremlin’s delay of victory, this conspiracy theory explanation is gaining attention. John Helmer’s report from Moscow that President Putin signed a safe conduct pass for President Biden’s mission to Kiev is being interpreted as evidence of a conspiracy between Washington and Moscow.  Helmer reports:  “For the first time in the century of US warfare against Russia, a sitting US president has requested and received a formal ceasefire and  safe conduct pledge (propusk) from the Kremlin in order for him to visit a third country.” 

The fact that the two leaders who have each declared the other to be completely untrustworthy are trusting one another’s word is inexplicable to many.

I am not ready to endorse the conspiracy theory, but I do remain puzzled why the Kremlin allows the war to metastasize rather than to commit the resources to end it quickly.  For now I will stick to my emphasis that Putin’s inaction is the principal reason the war is widening. 

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