Chinese Spy Balloon, UFOs, Protect Pentagon Budge

Chinese Spy Balloon, UFOs, Protect Pentagon Budget

Paul Craig Roberts

In case you haven’t figured out what the Chinese “spy balloon” and additional shoot-downs were all about, they were about removing the prospect of any cuts to the Pentagon’s budget as part of the debt ceiling solution.  Republican Senator Tom Cotton declared that “communist China is probably the greatest threat we’ve ever faced.”  A number of Republicans agree with him.  They want defense cuts off the table in the debt ceiling negotiations. Senator Cotton thinks “substantial defense increases” are in order.

If China is a great threat, why is Washington creating a conflict with Russia by sticking its nose and many billions of dollars into Russia’s business in Ukraine? Is the reasoning that two great threats are better than one?

Normally, Republicans regard national debt as a danger.  But when this concern gets close to military spending, threats appear that push it away.  

Unlike Democrats who are busy at work deconstructing America, Republicans are patriotic.  They wear the flag on their sleeve and respond to threats with more money.  

The next threat will come from the realization that we and NATO have given so much ammunition and so many weapon systems  to Ukraine that we are unprepared for Russian, Chinese, and Iranian aggression, and all thought of national debt will go to the back burner.  

The Russian winter offensive also seems to have been put on the back burner.  Little doubt that Washington has encouraged this by putting out the stories that the West hasn’t any more weapons to send to Ukraine.  Ukraine requires a large military  buildup if Ukraine is to withstand a Russian offensive.  Putin is willing to be deceived, as he was with the Minsk Agreement, as long as he can hope violence can be avoided.  So far there is no sign that any of the Russian troops and weapons assembled on Ukraine’s border are in action. Some believe that the Russians are symbolic people and are waiting the anniversary later this month of the entry a year ago into Donbass.

If not, then maybe there will be a spring offensive, or a summer one.  Delay will give Washington time to make long-range missiles, Ukraine time to learn to fly F-16s, and the British and Americans time to train another Ukrainian army rounded out with some of the CIA’s jihad forces.  The Kremlin’s delay will produce more Russian casualties.  The neoconservatives will have renewed confidence that Russia can be defeated, and the conflict will further widen.

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