CDC data reveal that multiple covid jabs can knock up to 24 years off a person’s expected lifespan

All those brainwashed into believing that truth is conspiracy theory are in for a shock

CDC data reveal that multiple covid jabs can knock up to 24 years off a person’s expected lifespan

Thursday, February 09, 2023,  by Ethan Huff 

(Natural News) The latest health data from the government of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia confirms something we have been warning you about for quite some time now: that covid “vaccines” produce vaccine-induced AIDS (VAIDS), which in turn sheds many years off a person’s life – and progressively more so with the passage of time. 

Last year, an average double-injected Aussie who took the initial covid jab series was found to be 10.72 times more likely to “catch Omicron” compared to his unvaccinated counterpart. This year, that same double-jabbed Aussie is 20 times more likely to get sick, while his triple-vaxxed and beyond counterparts are at least 35 times more likely to fall ill.

To corroborate this, a new study from the Cleveland Clinic shows that the risk of illness and early death increases exponentially with each subsequent injection – and that risk continues to increase indefinitely and never wanes as some people previously believed was the case.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) all-cause mortality data serves as another indicator of all this, showing that the mortality rate in 2022 increased by 7 percent compared to the mortality rate in 2021.

“So if you have had 5 doses then you were 35% more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021,” explains The Exposé. “If you have had one dose then you were 7% more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021. If you are unvaxxed then you were no more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021.” 

Put differently, covid jabs destroy the immune system at rates that constantly increase with each passing year, much like compound interest. That risk never goes down even if a person stops getting jabbed because the damage each injection causes is permanent and always increasing.

“So, taking 2021 as the base line, a 5 dosed person would be 350% more likely to die in 2031 and 700% more likely to die in 2041 and 1050% more likely to die in 2051 than an unvaxxed person,” The Exposé reveals. “It is just like compound interest.”

“Using this result, we can calculate the loss in life expectancy for a 30 year old male as follows … The life expectancy of a 30 year old unvaxxed male in the UK is around 80 years. So he can expect another 50 years of life.”

Conversely, a 30-year-old male who has taken four covid injection will only live, on average, until age 56, based on U.S. data. If that same 30-year-old male gets a fifth covid injection, he will have lost 24 years of life expectancy.

“That is the price you pay for trusting the NHS, trusting the government and trusting the BBC and the Main Stream Media,” is how The Exposé put it.

Australia makes a great case study in all this because the vast majority of its population is at least double-jabbed. The data coming out of that country continues to show that overall health is declining and people are increasingly dying earlier than expected, all because of the injections they are taking in obedience to their government.

“And yet I’m still not allowed to talk to any family members about any of this,” noted a commenter on a story about these damning revelations. “It’s heartbreaking that they still see me as the unvaccinated fool.”

“The people who are pushing these bioweapons need to be in prison for crimes against humanity,” wrote another about the perpetrators of these poison syringes.

Getting jabbed for covid is an easy way to get sick and die early. To learn more, visit

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