The Democrats Are About to Split the Country Irreparably

Dear Readers, I apologize that I was unable to post this yesterday before the presstitutes had the opportunity to fix a false narrative in peoples’ minds.

The Democrats Are About to Split the Country Irreparably

Paul Craig Roberts

I have watched and warned for years while American unity was dismantled and the history of our country  falsely rewritten.  The liberals are responsible, as some have acknowledged, blaming their trust of the left who maintained that they just wanted to broaden the discussion when in fact the left intended to close all discussion and impose their narratives, which they have now done.

The closure of debate and free speech has spread from the university to the public schools to the corporate executive suite, to the military, to the media, to entertainment, to the medical profession.  Those who dissent openly or even accidentally from the official narratives are censored, cancelled, fired, demonized, and if they were present at the US Capitol on January 6 framed as insurrectionists and imprisoned.

It is now taken for granted in the major institutions of the US that white ethnicities are racist by nature and thereby guilty of oppressing black people.  All meritocracy, success measures, literature, English language, math and science are declared to be tools of white oppression. Universities and medical schools have abandoned admission standards and course grading. The military, corporations, universities, and government agencies require white employees to submit to “sensitivity training” and to accept promotions of “preferred minorities” based not on merit, but on skin color and sexual preference. Sensitivity training has now been extended into special treatment for sexual perverts and those claiming to be transgendered. Perversion has been normalized, and it is the large majority of normal heterosexual white ethnicities who are the outcasts known as “Trump Deplorables.” Critical race theory is used to teach white kids that they and their parents are racists. Drag queens put on demonstrations in public schools, and kids are told that they are whatever gender they decide.

One consequence is that truth has been stamped out by outrageous lies that everyone knows are lies.  For example, America is based on racism because a ship called on an early British colony and traded a few black slaves for provisions.  According to the New York Time’s 1619 Project, this is all it takes to interpret the entirety of American history as racist.  Who enslaved the blacks is an unasked question, because the blacks were enslaved by the black king of Dahomey whose armies conducted slave wars.  The blacks brought to the colonies were enslaved by other blacks prior to their arrival.  These facts are denied in order to demonize white ethnicities, destroy their confidence, and implant guilt so that they willingly turn over power and wealth to darker skinned peoples.  Notice also, that the same people who insist that the US is a racist country also insist that the Civil War was fought to free the black slaves.  Now why would a racist country do that?

A disappearing act is being done on white people. White people, especially white families, are disappearing in corporate advertising.  Third World immigrant-invaders have become common in media, university professorships, and in government and corporate ranks.  White males are also disappearing in movies as women take over the violent roles traditionally associated with men.  The disappearance of whites is clearly being orchestrated in order to promote multiculturalism and diversity.  A nation has been replaced by a tower of babel.

For two generations, perhaps more, universities have worked to separate Americans from awareness of their history, literature, and values with the intention of producing a deracinated people.  They have succeeded.  When the older generations die, the mores, spirit, and accomplishments of America will be gone. The disruption of enculturation has erased America. America has been erased just as completely as Rome erased Carthage. 

Any unity that might still have existed has now been destroyed by the House Democrats’ referral of criminal charges against President Trump for an insurrection that is more fiction than fact. 

The Democrats’ referral tells Trump Americans, who compose half, at least, of the voters, that Democrats and the Establishment that they act for will not tolerate in office a President who represents the American people instead of the ruling elite.  In other words, democracy is dead.  Presidents are puppets for the Establishment, a role that Trump refused.  Therefore, he was removed.  As the Establishment controls the media, lies could be used instead of bullets.

When the House Democrats’ effort to impeach Trump on the same charges failed in the Senate, the House decided to hold an “investigation,” find criminal offense, and refer the charges to Biden’s Department of Justice, which should more correctly be known as the Department of Retribution Against Enemies of the Establishment.

The Department of Retribution, which we know to be corrupt, because of the proof of the FBI’s corruption, is on the spot.  If it takes up the referral, it will split the country in two, creating the prospect of a civil war.  It it does not prosecute Trump it will have to find the fortitude to stand up to the Establishment, which wants Trump over and done with. I don’t think the attorney general can stand up to the Establishment.  

How might this play out?  Will Trump Supporters be discouraged, give up, and cease to participate in elections whose true outcomes are so easily cancelled, no facts permitted?  Or will they become more enraged and more determined?  I do not know.  

It has to be disturbing to aware Americans that the House Democrats’ charges are non-sensical.  At the time of the alleged insurrection, Trump was still President of the United States.  The event he is accused of obstructing is the congressional vote ratifying Biden as President, but not reported by the presstitutes is the fact that prior to that vote Republicans were going to present hard evidence of election theft.  To prevent this presentation, the Democrats arranged an “insurrection” which broke up the meeting and allowed Rino Republications to ally with Democrats and by pretending to be in danger to abandon the meeting that was to present evidence of election theft. The Trump Rally was used to insure Biden’s election ratification in the face of an “insurrectionist threat.”

Clearly neither Trump nor his supporters had any interest in obstructing the meeting.  They were there to rally in favor of the evidence being presented.

Consider also, that President Trump offered the Democrat District of Columbia government US soldiers to maintain order against any challenges during the January 6 Congressional assembly, and the Democrats refused the soldiers.  In other words, they knew that the Trump rally was going to be manipulated to prevent the presentation of evidence of election theft.  Ask yourself, why would a President planning an insurrection offer US troops to forestall his insurrection?

Would an insurrectionist have offered Democrats troops with which to put down his insurrection?  

What else do you need to comprehend the mendacity of the Democrats’ referral and the corruption of a media that pretends there is enormous merit in the criminal referrals.  How can any person with even half a brain not see that what is happening in the United States is worst than Stalin’s infamous show trials?

The Democrats with their ideology of Identity Politics are now about to split the country into two halves that have nothing in common.  Perhaps this is why Russia and China sit there with their superior military capability doing nothing as they watch the self-destruction of the Disunited States of America.

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