Germany Has Resurrected The Third Reich

Germany Has Resurrected The Third Reich

Germany is now ‘total dictatorship’ 

The Nazis have risen

“Nazis are among us again” as we increasingly think like them. “For example, it is unbelievable how naturally independent thinking and tolerance are buried. Critical minds are deprived or made more difficult of the opportunity to spread their opinions and information. You, dear readers, should no longer be allowed to receive and read what you want. Nor should you personally decide who to consider friends and who to consider enemies. “Union parliamentary group Vice Lindholz calls for a reporting office for Russian disinformation,” reports the editorial network Germany today. RND, Ms. Lindholz from the CDU/CSU or the CIA decides what information and disinformation is. I also refer to the EU Sanctions Regulation (EU) 2022/879 . This is now also used to prevent the spread of critical sites such as the NachDenkSeiten. 

“These are Nazi methods. The new Nazis do not leave it up to us citizens to judge and choose what we want to read, hear and see. No, this should be run by the state and/or with the help of willing organizations such as LibMod. Today the Nazis are painted green or black or even red for camouflage. Modern Nazis identify themselves as left and their opponents as right. Upside down world in the true sense of the word.” 

All of Western civilization is dissolving into tyranny.  The New Zealand, Canadian, US, Dutch, and German governments are themselves Third Reichs.  Respect for democracy, truth, free speech and association, due process, civil liberty, and private property are disappearing before our eyes.  Children are seized from parents and subjected to medical procedures without consent in total violation of the Nuremberg Laws.  Dutch farmers have their land confiscated on grounds that farming contributes to global warming.  Americans are censored for telling the truth and arrested and imprisoned for attending rallies. This is what the West calls “freedom” and “democracy” and this is the tyranny the West intends to spread over the world.

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