In Honor of a Truth Teller

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In Honor of a Truth Teller

Richard Gage, who founded Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and grew the membership to 3,000 architects & engineers who know for certain that the official story of the collapse of the three WTC skyscrapers is false, organized an online remembrance on December 9 of David Ray Griffin, a distinguished scholar of impeccable  integrity who recently died. I was invited to participate.  

David Ray Griffin:  Truth Teller

Hon. Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D.

David Ray Griffin was a man who could differentiate between good and evil, and he recognized the power of evil.  When the event known as 9/11 occurred, Griffin deduced from the inadequacy of the official explanation, and from the evil use of 9/11, both at home and abroad, that the Cheney-Bush neoconservative regime made of 9/11, that much was amiss.  He set aside his work on the philosophy of religion and scientific naturalism to investigate and provide a true account, which he provided in a large number of books, perhaps a dozen.

Others, of course, also contributed to establishing the facts.  Among them are Richard Gage, fearless scientists such as Steven Jones, Niels Harrit, and physicist David Chandler, the others on this program, and Graeme MacQueen who exposed the anthrax deception.  

David Ray Griffin stayed on the case, book after book, and hammered it home.  

People interested enough to pay attention have for the most part concluded that the neoconservatives who occupied the highest offices in the Pentagon, State Department, and National Security Council, all under Cheney’s protection and, thereby, President Bush’s, attacked our country in order to have their “new Pearl Harbor” to free them to decimate the Middle East and North Africa in the interests of Israel.  Of course many other people benefitted.  For example, the military-security complex’s profits and the enemies of the US Constitution. The Bush regime suspended habeas corpus and asserted the medieval right of casting people into prison without evidence presented to a judge and jury and obtaining conviction.  The Obama regime went further and asserted the right of the President of the United States to execute American citizens on suspicion alone without due process.

In my opinion David Ray Griffin was alarmed by the ability of evil to use the American government for evil aims.

I think David Ray Griffin concluded that we had no chance of throwing off the evil that is engulfing us unless the people understood that the narrative given them was false.  He relied on logic to establish the falsity of the official narrative of 9/11.  

The question before us is: how powerful is truth and the logic that supports it? The answer is not reassuring.  Remember the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. All known evidence refutes that he was killed by Oswald.  No known evidence supports the official narrative.  Yet the official narrative still stands.  It stands because no US government, regardless of party in power, will acknowledge a criminal action by the US government.

The event known as 9/11 is also exposed. But the official story remains in place.  It the government doesn’t admit it, historians and “fact checkers” repeat the false accounts as proof that the true accounts are false.  It seems to be the case that it is only the word of the liar that counts.

Those of us, still extant, who respect truth and know that evil cannot be held in check if truth is suppressed, have as our obligation to continue David Ray Griffin’s opposition to the rising power of evil.

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