The Ever Widening War

The Ever Widening War

Not long go Putin said “Russia will never again fight a war on its own territory.”  Seems he did not mean it.

It seems Putin lacks the resolution to use sufficient force to bring the conflict to an end.

Third Russian Airbase Set Ablaze By Drone Strike As Ukraine Extends War Across Border 

Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022 – 07:50 AM

Overnight into Tuesday a third airfield deep inside Russia came under attack, suffering a fire after an oil storage depot was bombarded by what the Kremlin described as a drone attack that was repelled after the initial blast. A large blaze raged throughout the night as emergency crews responded.

It came the day after two explosions rocked a pair of air bases even further inside Russian territory, which killed three military personnel in the Ryazan region, and Russian Engels-1 airbase in Saratov. Those incidents were also subsequently described by the defense ministry as the result of drone attacks.

The Russian city of Kursk, which lies closer to Ukraine than the other two sites of attack, had thick black smoke rising over its airfield in the early Tuesday hours. “Oil tankers at a base near the city of Kursk, around 60 miles from the border, were on fire and streaming smoke into the sky early Tuesday morning,” The Daily Mail writes based on regional sources.

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