The Ever-Widening War

The Ever-Widening War

Elite US Airborne Division ready to fight in Ukraine if conflict escalates

US 101st Airborne Division deployed in Romania  conducting war games and ready to enter the conflict. 

What was Putin thinking?  Why did the Russian military allow Putin to go to Donbass’ rescue with minimal soldiers and no reserves?  Why has Russia left its enemy’s government intact and able to conduct war against Russia without consequence?  Putin’s Goody Two Shoes act is clearly not one that deters Washington from widening the conflict.  Far from limiting the conflict, Putin’s nonsensical way of fighting a war has greatly expanded the conflict.  By a stupid policy that has resulted in the Russian advance being stopped by a bankrupt third world country, Putin has destroyed the image of a formidable Russian military, thus encouraging more aggression against Russia. Putin’s nonsensical way of fighting a war has provided time for Washington to arm Ukraine and to assemble US troops on Ukraine’s border.  Putin has committed one of the worst military blunders in the history of warfare.  Will Putin realize his mistake and comprehend that wars need to be quickly won?

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