Russia & China Were Taken to the Cleaners by Globalism

Russia & China Were Taken to the Cleaners by Globalism

Perhaps the Naive  Chinese and Russian Governments have learned the Downside of Economic Integration with the West for Countries that Intend to be Sovereign.

Globalism Is a Means of Western Control, Nothing Else.  It is extraordinary that the Russians and Chinese fell for it.  It is even more extraordinary that China sends students to the US where they are brainwashed and turned into agents of the CIA and US corporations. 

We will see if China is like Russia and refuses to retaliate for Washington’s attack on China’s semiconductor industry.

That Russia and China free-rode for so long on the dollar system that is a threat to their sovereignty and have failed to provide world stability by announcing their mutual alliance against the West indicates that the two governments are incapable of taking the initiative and will remain at the mercy of Washington’s initiative.  Major war will be the consequence. 

Biden’s Tech-War Against China Goes Nuclear 

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