Are the Democrats About to Introduce their Law to Safeguard the Unity of Party and State?

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Are the Democrats About to Introduce their Law to Safeguard the Unity of Party and State?

Paul Craig Roberts

I discussed yesterday the propaganda assault on America and white Americans from universities and schools, Woke Democrats, leftwing intellectuals, and media that is destroying our country and civilization.  Note that debate about this serious issue is not part of the November election.  The attack on America is an inside job and this fact is as much ignored as the established fact that 9/11 was an inside job.

For most candidates the election is about campaign funding, the idea being that who raises the most money can pay for the most accusations against the opponent.  Most campaigns are ad hominem  and devoid of  serious issues.  The most successful slanderer wins.

Trump does better than this and does manage to call attention to the wide open border with Mexico that is flooding America with immigrant-invaders.  Ron Johnson, Republican US Senator from Wisconsin, does even better. He notes the death of civilized politics  when he speaks of how policy debates have been crowded out by vitriolic attacks, such as Biden’s, on Republicans and assaults by Woke Democrats on US Supreme Court Justices in restaurants if they dare to dine out.  Political violence  against President Trump and his supporters masquerading as “accountability” and introduced by the leftwing Democrats and their media allies with Russiagate six years ago and sharpened with two illegitimate impeachment attempts, “January 6 Insurrection,” and now “Documentsgate,” threatens to move beyond verbal violence to physical violence.  We are reaching the point where the Democrats’ armed militias–Antifa and Black Lives Matter–are an intimidating force which is likely to make it difficult for Republicans to recruit political candidates to contest elections in blue states.

The six year effort by Democrats, media, leftwing  intellectuals, the Department of Justice (sic) and the FBI to frame an American president while in office and out has introduced third world violence into the democratic process.  The Woke Democrats’ effort to drive Trump out of the presidency has been followed by their effort to drive Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court. Once this starts, physical violence is not far behind.  The Democrats’ drive for a one-party state controlled by propaganda looks remarkably similar to the rise of National Socialism in Germany.

Republicans appear reluctant or afraid to confront the hate that liberal Democrats have introduced into political disagreement.  If Republicans are unwilling to confront such a serious issue, they cannot successfully organize and  prepare for it.  The FBI continues to issue subpoenas to Trump’s attorneys and financial backers, itself a form of intimidation that discourages attorneys from signing on with Trump and the wealthy from contributing as the Biden regime’s efforts to criminalize MAGA Republicans proceeds.  

The American people, or the white working class part of it, are desperate for leaders who will fight for them, but it takes more than a few, especially when you have no media, Hollywood, Wall Street, and FBI allies.  

What is the Republican response to the political violence that is about to mug them and those who look to them for leadership?

When President Biden declares the opposition party to be extremists who “threaten the very foundations of our republic,” he reduces political disagreement to treason.  A response to treason is violence and a law that fuses the Democrat Party with the federal government like Hitler’s Law to Safeguard the Unity of Party and State (December 1, 1933).  Watch for it. It is on its way.


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