Is Reality Over the Kremlin’s Head?

Is Reality Over the Kremlin’s Head?

Paul Craig Roberts

Putin and the Kremlin have watched the failure of their “limited military operation” move from a Donbass conflict with Ukraine to a proxy war with the US and NATO to a full-fledged war with the US and NATO.  Putin’s inaction as the conflict widens, as I said it would, into nuclear war, is extraordinary.  He seems determined to hold on to his totally failed policy of a police action in Donbass with minimum commitment of troops and military assets.  From the best information I can get, there are only 200,000 thousand Russian troops involved in what the presstitutes call “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Time is running out for Putin to take out Ukraine entirely before he has to withdraw in face of NATO’s involvement or push the button.  Perhaps the latest effort of former NATO leaders to organize a NATO intervention in the “limited military operation” will bring home to Putin that he cannot sit there any longer without either surrendering or taking the decisive action that he should have taken eight years ago and bringing  Ukraine to its knees.

Three days ago on September 13 a group of former prime ministers, foreign ministers and other high-level officials from NATO countries ( ) published a document, The KYIV Security Compact ( ) that advocates a formal alliance between Ukraine and NATO countries that, in effect, makes Ukraine a member of NATO, thereby transforming the proxy war in Ukraine into a war between NATO and Russia.

The Kyiv Security Compact was formally presented to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who endorsed it, published it on the website of the Ukrainian presidency, and supports its adoption

The document specifies for “the US, UK, Canada, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Turkey, and Nordic, Baltic, and Central European countries” to make “legally and politically binding” agreements” that ally them with “Ukraine in its ongoing war against Russia.”

Redundantly, the document affirms the intention of Ukraine to join NATO and the European Union, declaring, “Both NATO and EU membership will significantly bolster Ukraine’s security in the long-term. However, Ukraine needs security guarantees now,” the document says, so security agreements from the NATO countries will achieve the same result as NATO membership until the process is formalized. It adds, “Ukraine needs iron-clad security guarantees. These will come predominantly—though not exclusively—from NATO countries.”

The document was drafted by a long list of Washington’s bought-and-paid-for European puppets, co-chaired by former Danish Prime Minister and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia, former  Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, former UK Foreign Secretary  William J. Hague and former ministers from France, Germany, Italy, and Poland.

Russia is unable to defend itself because its liberal leaders prefer agreements, on which they themselves say no reliance can be placed, to force.  The Kremlin still believes, despite all evidence to the contrary, that it can overcome Western “misunderstandings” of Russia and negotiate a peaceful multi-polar world of cooperation.

God help us.


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