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The Death of the Deracinated West Is Close at Hand

The Death of the Deracinated West Is Close at Hand

Paul Craig Roberts

Carnegie Mellon University Refuses to Fire Carnegie Mellon University Professor for Calling for Queen Elizabeth II to Face an “Excruciating’ Death.”

Imagine the professors’s fate if she had said that about a black person or a sexual pervert.

https://ijr.com/carnegie-mellon-professors-calling-queen-elizabeth-ii/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=ijr-newsletter&utm_campaign=ijr-2&utm_content=firefly [1]

Carnegie Mellon University professor Uju Anya said she wished Queen Elizabeth II “an excruciating death.” “May her pain be excruciating.”

Someone named Uju Anya is clearly not white. Why does Carnegie Mellon University employ preferred minorities who hate white people as professors? Doesn’t this symbolize the total failure of Carnegie Mellon University, a university that has collapsed and become subservient to illegal quota regimes, a university that believes that merit is racist?

Is Carnegie Mellon’s purpose to teach white persons to hate themselves and their culture and accomplishments? That seems to be the primary function of all of American education.

Uju Anya seems to be a white liberal creation who, being black, was bestowed with credentials from Dartmouth College, Brown University, and UCLA, paid for by whom? Isn’t it extraordinary how people who hate white people are educated into their hatred by white people?

Note that the offensive remarks of Uju Anya only resulted in the the administration of Carnegie Mellon University distancing its administration from the offensive remarks. Uju Anya for offending the British people paid no penalty. Had Uju Anya made a similar statement about a “preferred minority” or a sexual pervert, Uju Anua would have been fired. But Carnegie Mellon is OK with Uju Anua offending the British nation and has left her in place, protected, to continue to demonize white people.

Why would any white person attend Carnegie Mellon University? Do white people have any sense? Why do they support institutions that teach hatred of white people?

https://ijr.com/carnegie-mellon-professors-calling-queen-elizabeth-ii/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=ijr-newsletter&utm_campaign=ijr-2&utm_content=firefly [1]

The deracination of white ethnicities has been so successful that England’s BBC openly uses Queen Elizabeth’s death to complain about “white privilege.” BBC Radio 4 whined that the monarchy was “at odds with diversity” and was an example of “white inherited privilege.” This is how BBC Radio 4 responded to the death of the British Queen.

Carnegie Mellon University professor Uju Anya wished the Queen an excruciating death and hoped the Queen would die in agony. It is hate-filled people like this professor who are teaching white kids to hate themselves. The teaching of hatred is all education is about. Why did “our government” stop white immigration into the country and instead fill it up with people Washington has taught to hate us, multiplying their ranks in the universities, media, and the government itself? This is an act of suicide of America.

A dumbshit Harvard University professor agrees with Uju Anya and says Queen Elizabeth II is responsible for obscuring “a bloody history of decolonization.” New York Times, of course, agrees.

https://www.infowars.com/posts/bbc-whines-monarchy-at-odds-with-diversity-after-queens-death/ [2]

So we have Carnegie Mellon University against us. Harvard University against us. The New York Times against us. The BBC against us.

Who is for us?

Donald Trump was, and look at what happened to him.

White people are doomed. Their very own institutions are against them. And they sit there insouciant, unaware. A pitiful end of a great race.

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