American Education Is the Most Powerful Anti-American Force in the World

American Education Is the Most Powerful Anti-American Force in the World

Paul Craig Roberts

Americans do not understand that the entire education system from kindergarten through Ph.D. has been subverted and turned into anti-white indoctrination and into de-normalizing sexual normality.

Moreover, it is white people for the most part who are the ideologues who are radicalizing society. Here is a white New York City school official who says that he will not hire a conservative as a school teacher. He describes how he ascertains whether an applicant is a conservative.

Teachers are being forced to indoctrinate students with gender theory and critical race theory. The brainwashing receives more attention than reading, writing, and arithmetic.

All over the US parents who have challenged the propagandistic character of what was once a learning process are abused by school boards and police.

It is completely obvious that revolution is underway. Our children’s minds are being stolen from them and they are being excluded from their culture. The indoctrination that passes for education has as its purpose to insulate them from the traditional defining values and mores of their country and society. America is being erased intentionally by not passing it to youth via education.

This has been growing gradually more pervasive for years and accounts for the radicalism of younger corporate executives such as the ones at Disney. It has now taken hold in the US military, and sooner or later will pervade police departments.

When the older generations of Americans pass from the scene, America will die with them.

Project Veritas does an excellent job of exposing the ongoing revolution in the United States through the left’s control over the educational system. Day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year America is being erased.

Here is some video evidence:

We used to complain about the liberal media. If we could only have those days back. Today we have a propaganda ministry, and American education is the most powerful anti-American force in the world.

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