Zur Zeit Interviews Paul Craig Roberts

Zur Zeit Interviews Paul Craig Roberts about the impact of Critical Race Theory on the US
11 August 2022

“Die Weißen gefügig machen”
Ex-US-Vizefinanzminister Paul Craig Roberts über den antiweißen Rassismus in den Vereinigten Staaten

English Translation:

Dr. Bernhard Tomaschitz, Zur Zeit Editor

1.) What impact does Critical Race Theory (CRT) have on the everyday life of average Americans. In Europe, reports keep surfacing that in some companies (white) employees have to attend CRT seminars?

PCR: Where Democrats control local school boards, children are taught CRT. The supposition is that white people are racist and that racism has to be eradicated at an early age through education, which is really a form of brainwashing or indoctrination. The same white school children who are beaten and robbed by their black schoolmates are taught that white people have done bad things to blacks and that white people need to learn tolerance of others. The point seems to be to make the white kids submissive to the black ones. If the paradox in the situation is noticed by the teachers, they don’t call attention to it.

White corporate, government, and military personnel are required to take “sensitivity training” which stresses proper demeanor toward “people of color,” women, homosexuals, and transgendered persons. The consequence is that a white manager or military officer runs the risk of accusations of bias, of giving offense, or sexual harassment if he disciplines a black, female, or other protected category. If a white male has a black or female boss or superior, he has to suffer the consequences. He is not in the protected category and cannot claim abuse.

2) What does the left want to achieve with CRT? Is it really about the alleged fight against racism or rather about the realization of Marxist utopias?

PCR: People who study critical race theory, its doctrine, history, and use say that its function is to breakup society so that it can be revolutionized. Some people who have studied CRT have concluded that CRT reflects Jewish paranoia about gentiles.

3) Do you see in the CRT and other forms of political correctness a danger to social peace in the U.S., especially that different ethnic groups are being set against each other?

PCR: CRT is one of the weapons of Identity Politics. In the Democrat Party’s Identity Politics, the white male has the role of the capitalist exploiter in classic Marxism, and everyone else has the victim role of the workers. This stands classic Marxism on its head, because the white male workers are transformed from victims into exploiters. Identity Politics disunites the citizenry by creating animosities and suspicions between men and women and between races. It is a fatal politics for a diverse, multicultural society.

4) As it currently stands, the Republicans will win the midterm elections. Could a Republican majority in Congress lead to a pushback against CRT or political correctness as a whole?

PCR: A Republican President could stop sensitivity training in the military, as Donald Trump did. Biden restored it. Republican governors probably can stop CRT in the public schools. I think Florida’s Republican governor DeSantis managed to stop CRT and also, I think, stopped the transgender training of young children which was being used as a recruitment strategy. I don’t know what can be done about the corporations other than heterosexual white men refusing to work for them.

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