Biden Declares WAR on White America

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Biden Declares WAR on White America

A Putsch in the Making?

Paul Craig Roberts

Last Thursday night, September 1, 2022, President Biden speaking for the executive branch of the United States government declared civil war on white non-RINO Republicans:

“Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

“MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution, they do not believe in the rule of law.
They promote authoritarian leaders and they fan the flames of political violence.”

“I will not stand by and watch elections in this country stolen by people who simply refuse to accept that they lost.”

In my recent writings I have emphasized that the anti-white, anti-American woke Democrats intend to establish a one party state, are well on the way to achieving it, having successfully stolen an election and demonized a US president and his supporters as “Insurrectionists,” and they are not going to tolerate losing control of Congress in November. They have used the Justice (sic) Department, without opposition from anti-Trump RINO Republicans, such as the disastrous Mitch McConnell and Bill Barr, who are interested only in maintaining the status quo, to block states’ efforts to require proof of citizenship to vote and to monitor voting to prevent the stuffing of ballot boxes as occurred in 2020. The Democrat Attorney General accused states of “racism” for trying to restore integrity to US elections.
(Note: a RINO Republican is a fake Republican, a Republican In Name Only, thus RINO.)

Recently I pointed out that the fifth attempt underway — an alleged national security threat — after Russiagate, two impeachment attempts, and the fake news January 6 “Insurrection,” to indict Trump or drive him from the political scene, has created an alternative for the Democrats to stuffing ballot boxes. Standard election theft could be more difficult in November as MAGA Republicans, the ones Biden labeled “threats to America,” will be paying more attention this time, whereas in 2020 the dumbshit Republicans simply assumed the Democrats were committed to fair elections. It makes you wonder how people as naive as Republicans can survive politically.

The alternative to another Democrat theft of an election is to create the narrative of a threat to “the very foundations of our Republic,” from “Trump Republicans who do not respect the Constitution and the rule of law, who fan the flames of political violence.” “I will not stand by and watch elections in this country stolen” sets the stage for declaring a national emergency and federal takeover of the election.

Although the bought-and-paid-for whore media who comprise the American Lie Machine have studiously avoided asking about the intent of such extremist accusations against a large percentage, perhaps even a majority, of the American population, the intent of Biden’s declaration of war is clear. The narrative in process or under consideration is: MAGA Republicans, being disloyal–as evidenced by Trump’s “theft of national security secrets”–and committed to violence and election theft are again plotting an attack on American democracy to steal the election in November. Current polls show that there is no need for Republicans to steal an election that they are expected to run away with. For that very reason the FBI will announce it has uncovered a plot, will conduct SWAT raids, highly publicized, on some MAGA Republicans who will be arrested for sedition. Simultaneously, the corrupt Department of Justice (sic) will announce Trump’s indictment on charges outlined here by Judge Andrew Napolitano:

Notice that the charges are felonies without being actual crimes and their criminalization originates in the neoconservative Republican regime of George W. Bush as a way of suppressing whistleblowers from revealing crimes committed by the US government. Once again the dumbshit Republicans have injured themselves. That’s really all Republicans are fit for.

Confronted by such a dastardly plot by treasonous MAGA Republicans, Biden, or the interests for whom he is a puppet, will declare federal takeover of the 2022 election in order to defeat the MAGA Republicans’ plot. In this way the election will be stolen.

What is there to deter this outcome? The media? What a joke. The media are part of guaranteeing the outcome. Trump has an unorganized following, but no brownshirts or blackshirts. Those belong to the Democrats–Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Woke US military that is completely in anti-white, anti-American hands that intentionally discriminate against white Americans. See, for example,

The insouciant gullible white American population that has been brainwashed into wokeism, Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory and who stupidly attribute their lack of advancement to “enemies”–Russia and China–who are allegedly stealing American markets and influence, are so dumb that they cannot comprehend that the Democrat attack on Trump is an attack on White America. The Democrats’ target is not Trump. The target is White America.

As the media, that is, the Lie Machine, is allied with Democrats, given that few Americans are capable of thinking for themselves, the Democrat enemy controls the minds of its opposition. Republicans imbibe the same narratives as Democrats from ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS NPR, NYT. Moreover, most Americans are fearful of having an opinion different from their peers, opinion which comes from CNN, NPR, NYTimes and the single voice of the American media. If Americans express a different opinion, they place themselves outside the acceptable thoughts and are rejected by their peers and censored and penalized on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and the rest of tech, print, and TV media, and lose their jobs.

I remember when free speech was celebrated in America. No more. It is being criminalized. Americans, whether scholars, scientists, university professors, school teachers, police captains, journalists, or politicians who deviate from official narratives are dead meat.

In the United States and indeed the entire Western World Free Speech no longer exists. In Europe and Canada any questioning of the Holocaust brings a prison sentence regardless of the facts. German historians are arrested if they question without government permission any aspect of the official history of the war.

Everywhere in the Western World truth is suppressed.

The other day I saw a poll that 50% of Americans wanted Trump indicted for stealing national security secrets. But he hasn’t stolen national security secrets. There could be a misunderstanding about what documents belong to who, but a misunderstanding is not theft. What then do we make of this poll? Is it the usual standard ignorance of the American population expressing its indoctrinated opinion placed in vacuous minds by CNN, or is the poll itself an orchestration?

Is what we are witnessing the creation of peer group pressure against Trump supporters? As few Americans think independently, a poll that reports half the population wants Trump indicted serves to convince his supporters, or some of them, that supporting Trump is a peer group offense. At the least, it makes some Trump supporters uncertain. If exit polls are conducted, voters will likely deny they voted for Trump, assuming they get the chance, making it easier for Democrats to steal the election.

Now, tell me what you think. Can this unorganized, unsure, group who stand against an organized media, an organized White House, FBI, and DoJ prevent a media supported, orchestrated false indictment of a President of the United States?

I don’t see how.

White liberals have brought violence home to America. The Democrats’ militias –Antiffa and Black Lives Matter–burning down the Republican business centers of many US cities was the first assault by actual domestic terrorists–Democrats–on America. The Democrat party rests on Identity Politics in which White Americans are oppressors and everyone else their victims. It is impossible for Identity Politics to lead to social unification and domestic peace.

With Identity Politics, “aversive racism,” critical race theory, the 1619 Project of the New York Times, “Russiagate,” and the fake news “January 6 Insurrection,” and now the “national security threat,” the Democrats have thrown down the gauntlet against white America. Having done so, they must now establish a one-party state.

It is possible that the Biden speech last Thursday was a test of the waters to see if such a plot as I have described would succeed. The fact that ABC, NBC, and CBS refused to broadcast a presidential address that the liberal TV executives regarded as “purely political” has possibly foiled the Democrats’ plot. Nevertheless, as the Democrats control all power positions, they are likely to succeed in one way or the other of controlling the outcome of the November election. If they succeed, their war against White Americans will continue into the 2024 presidential election.

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