Does the Kremlin Realize that Russia Is At War?

Germany acting like ‘enemy’ of Russia – Medvedev

Examine this headline. “Germany is acting like an enemy.” Why can’t Medvedev state the bald fact that “Germany is an enemy”?

Look how Medvedev handles the German Chancellor’s complaint that Russia is no longer a reliable oil and gas supplier. This is an amazing statement for a government to make that is enforcing economic sanctions against Russia and supplying Russia’s war opponent with weapons. Why isn’t Medvedev amazed that the German Chancellor thinks that in the conditions Germany is imposing on Russia, Russia should be supplying Germany with the energy to make weapons to support Russia’s enemy?

The Russian government seems incapable of acknowledging the actual situation and incapable of making a direct forceful statement. This is why the West does not take the Kremlin seriously.

It is a mistake not to take Russia seriously, a mistake that could lead to nuclear war, and Russia is responsible for the West’s mistake.

Add to this Peskov’s statements that (1) Russia is relying on making a deal with the West, and (2) Russia wants to sell Europe energy but Europe won’t let us.

It is difficult to imagine how a government’s spokesman could possibly convey less confidence and more submissiveness.

After all of Russia’s experience with the total worthlessness of agreements with the West the Kremlin is relying on another agreement! I cannot imagine anything more stupid than this. It suggests that the Kremlin is mindless.

Is Peskov more concerned with Russia’s reputation as a reliable gas producer than he is about saving the lives of Russian soldiers by bringing Europe to her knees and ending the Ukraine war?

I sometimes wonder if the Kremlin is so in love with the West that Russia will end up giving away her sovereignty in order to be a “reliable gas supplier for Europe.” In other words, a reliable whore for the West.

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Otherwise Russia will provide enemies with oil so they can kill Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

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