US Court Protects FBI’s Fake Affidavit by Permitting the FBI to Hide Its Crime by Redacting the Affidavit

US Court Protects FBI’s Fake Affidavit by Permitting the FBI to Hide Its Crime by Redacting the Affidavit

Paul Craig Roberts

The redacted affidavit allegedly justifying the unprecedented and illegal raid on Trump’s home is redacted for one reason only–to hide the fact that there was no justification for the unprecedented Gestapo-type behavior of the Biden regime. The US District Court for the Southern District of Florida (five judges appointed by Obama, two by Clinton) claims that the redaction, that is, to be clear, the hiding of the justification for the illegal warrant, is necessary in order to protect law enforcement officers and “a significant number of civilian witnesses.” Protect from whom? Are we supposed to believe that Trump is a danger to the FBI and alleged witnesses? With the document redacted, how do we even know if there are any witnesses? How do we know if there are any unpaid witnesses?

Only a totally politicized and weaponized US Court could claim: “If witnesses’ identities are exposed, they could be subjected to harms including retaliation, intimidation, or harassment, and even threats to their physical safety.”

Instead the court subjects former President Trump to harms by giving credence to charges for which there is no public information. How does the court know that some rightwing nut won’t kill Trump for being a Russian agent? How come only FBI witnesses, perhaps bought or threatened witnesses, are worth protecting?

This redaction stunt is straight out of the Nazi Gestapo.

Does anyone really believe that the FBI is in danger from the people when 100% of the evidence is that the people are endangered by the FBI?

What more evidence do you need to understand that the Democrat Party is the Party of Satan? It reeks of evil. The Democrat Party lacks even one member of integrity and respect for truth. The Party is a monster seething with evil grasping for power. And dumbshit Americans allowed it to illegitimately seize total control of their government.

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