War Requires More Unity than the US can Muster

War Requires More Unity than the US can Muster

Paul Craig Roberts

This meeting of Putin with the Russian State Duma Leaders of all the political parties on July 7 shows a solidarity that is obviously missing in the US. http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/68836  

The US is riven with conflicting interests even to the point that one political party has weaponized the US Department of Justice against the other and is attempting to demonize a former US president as an insurrectionist who is falsely charged for organizing a coup in order to hold onto power.

Not only is there no political unity, or any basis for such, in the US, but also the Democrats’ Identity Politics has destroyed the possibility of any societal unity.  Neither is there any moral unity.  On top of it all, respect for the Constitution and the separation of powers has declined to the point that agenda-driven power grabs have become common.

As I recently said, the United States is a geographical location, not a nation.  We should keep in mind our riven state of being before we get ourselves in a war with a united country like Russia.

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