The Latest News Foretells American Collapse

The Latest News Foretells American Collapse

There is no sign of intelligence anywhere in the Western world

Paul Craig Roberts

California Democrat Governor Newsom intends to phase out gasoline powered cars by 2035 and replace them with battery powered cars that have to be continually recharged with electricity.  Currently, there is insufficient electricity available to California to safeguard California from brownouts at current usage.  In the meantime California’s last nuclear energy electricity plant faces closure.  It is completely unclear how California is going to have enough clean electricity for its electric-only cars. A safe conclusion is that California is headed for an unmanageable energy crisis.

Currently California relies on electricity produced in other states.  Is California’s plan to make itself “clean” by confining the production of electricity to California’s suppliers in other states?  Does California get “clean” by dirtying other states?

The Biden regime, which even Democrats are tired of, has decided to cancel a US Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe vs. Wade with a presidential executive order. The executive branch has no such authority. Executive orders cannot be used to make law or to overturn court decisions.  With his executive order, the White House Fool is violating the separation of powers.  This step into dictatorship, of course, will cause no regrets among abortion advocates. Perhaps the Supreme Court will find the courage to issue an injunction against President Biden.  Perhaps after the wipeout of Democrats in November, the White House Fool can be impeached.

Doomsday Russian submarine enters service. Undetectable, capable of destroying entire carrier battle fleets, and wrecking coastal cities with tsunamis, Washington is picking a war it cannot win.

Washington has decided to proxy-fight Russia until the last Ukrainian is dead. The British have committed to their Washington masters to train 10,000 Ukrainians every 4 months to throw as cannon fodder at the Russians.  This program is likely to fail due to Ukrainian non-participation.

Throughout the American West water is disappearing. The two major reservoirs have shrunk so much that power generation is threatened. Yet the Democrat regime has permitted 2.2 million more immigrant-invaders to enter the US since 2020 amidst a water and power shortage!  Here we witness the downfall of the United States, which are hardly united, in the inability of “leaders” to comprehend facts. As of August 2020 more than 45 million people living in the US were born in another country. Given the difference in birth rates and the demonization of the founding white ethnics, America essentially no longer exists. 

The British government defends the right of Ukraine to choose their own future, but how can the Ukrainians choose their own future when they are Washington’s puppet?

Meanwhile the Kremlin, which holds all the cards but doesn’t know how to play them, sent Foreign Minister Lavrov to the G-20 meeting even though the Kremlin had previously admitted that talking to the West was pointless.  So why was Lavrov sent to be humiliated with insults?  The Kremlin seems to have a difficult time adjusting to reality.

Indeed, where can reality be found?  It can be found in Putin’s speech– — but not in the Kremlin’s policy. Russia continues to supply energy to her enemies with whom she is at war.

The Western World has committed suicide. Its universities and public schools have demonized beyond recovery Western prestige and accomplishments.  All that is taught is that the West is evil.  How does such an evil force as the West is said to be present itself as a moral example and claim hegemony?

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