The Camp of the Saints Is the story of Our Time

The Camp of the Saints Is the Story of Our Time

Paul Craig Roberts

The Camp of the Saints is an accurate description of the fate of the Western World.  We are experiencing that fate now. If you dare to know your future and that of your children and grandchildren, you can read this novel that correctly predicted our future in 1973.  The book was a best seller, but the rot had already set in.  Today the book is suppressed. You can read it here: 

The white ethnicities are the most insouciant of all peoples.  They comprise a small minority of the world population, and every white country is wallowing in guilt about people of color and have opened their borders to immigrant-invaders.

The Israelis have no problem putting up a wall to wall off Palestinians from the Palestinians’ own country, but President Trump was prevented by the Democrat Party from walling off millions of immigrant-invaders coming across the Mexican border unimpeded into our counrtry.  The Democrats think that the peoples of color will vote for them, thus insuring their rule.  They will for awhile, but it will dawn on the peoples of color that they don’t need the white Democrats.

The British now have their former colonial subjects as ministers of state and could soon have an Indian prime minister. The population of London, the British capital, is minority ethnic English.

Germany, whose women were massively raped by Russian, French, and British soldiers following Germany’s defeat (the Americans didn’t have to rape as they had the silk stockings, cigarettes, and chocolate that the women wanted), is only partly German, and this watered down population has been infused with Turks and refugees from America’s Middle Eastern and African wars.

Parts of Paris are now Muslim. In France mosques, not Christian churches, are being built.

Canada is a Tower of Babel, as is the US where Spanish is now a rival language to English. Efforts to make English the official language failed.  In the US if you telephone a bank, credit card company, utility, or almost any large business, you are answered in English and Spanish.  In other words, the people who created America are now only a part of it.

Even nordic Sweden is overrun, and newspapers report that 25% of Swedish ethnic women are afraid to leave their home in fear of being raped by immigrant-invaders.

Italy is overrun, just as was Rome.  Indeed, all of Europe is overrun.

Russia, the world’s largest country, is a collection of ethnicities.  The white population was devastated by World War II.

People accustomed to poverty breed easier than overtaxed white ethnicities struggling to maintain a middle class living standard, a more difficult feat to achieve in the Western world than previously.  Demographics project a nonwhite Western world.  And the situation seems to have worsened as a result of fertility problems caused by Covid “vaccine.”

Considering that peoples of color have been taught by Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and all the rest along with the New York Times “1619 Project”  that world history consists of the oppression of peoples of color by white racism, the future for white minorities looks bleak.

What is extraordinary is that the few white leaders who found the courage to sound the alarm have been demonized and driven from the political and intellectual scene.  As far as the white intellectual world is concerned, there is no greater crime than the defense of white people.  It is simply not permitted.  White school districts teach critical race theory to white kids.  In other words, white children are raised and educated to have a negative attitude toward white people, meaning themselves and their parents.  When white parents sometimes object at school board meetings, they risk being beaten by white cops and arrested.  Democrat school districts have tried to impose laws that prevent parental input.

So, what we have is every white ethnicity fighting as hard as it can to terminate itself.

It might happen sooner than the white liberals hope. A handful of Zionist US neoconservatives, who are accused, probably correctly, of using US foreign policy, which they control, in Israel’s interest, have the US and the NATO puppets headed, via the Ukraine conflict, into war with Russia.  As neither Washington nor Moscow can accept defeat, the conflict would end in nuclear Armageddon.

One would think that the remains of the white ethnicities, threatened as they are internally by their guilt-driven immigration open borders policy, would unite in avoiding a conflict that will eliminate the white population from the Earth.

The war that is being orchestrated, a war that will result in any white survivors being species visited in a zoo, is being orchestrated by the neoconservatives who are wedded to US hegemony to protect and expand Israel’s geographic interests.

It is extraordinary that in the United States there is no foreign policy debate, much less one that approaches the debate during Cold War I.  Objective Russian experts such as Steven Cohen no longer exist. To get the grant that keeps him in business, a foreign policy professor must adhere to the narrative:  Russia evil; US good.

White people did their best to destroy themselves in World War I and World War II.  In World War III they will succeed.




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