Something to Think About on the Fourth of July:  The Democrats and the FBI Have Nazified America

Something to Think About on the Fourth of July:  The Democrats and the FBI Have Nazified America

Paul Craig Roberts

Peter Navarro, 73 years old, was Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing Policy during the Trump administration. I do not know him.  

Last February the Democrats subpoenaed him to appear before the Democrats’ “Select Committee on the January 6 Attack,” a show trial operation trying to invent an “insurrection” by people who took selfies sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.

As Trump had declared executive privilege, Navarro simply observed the president’s right and refused to appear.

There is nothing unusual about this. It has been happening forever.  Personally I do not know if executive privilege is a good idea, but it is a fact.

It is what happened to Navarro that is unprecedented.  In early June five armed FBI agents grabbed him as he was boarding a flight to Tennessee, handcuffed him, put him in leg irons and placed him in solitary confinement.  

This is not normal procedure on the part of the FBI.  This is pure Gestapo procedure.  It reminds me of the early years of Nazi Germany.  Courts would dismiss false charges against political opponents, but as the vindicated person walked out of the courthouse he was seized by the Gestapo and imprisoned regardless.

The normal procedure is to resolve the issue with a request for a waiver of executive privilege or to put the matter in the hands of the courts.  But instead of normal, legal procedure, a former Assistant to the President of the United States received Gestapo treatment.

Every American should be shocked at this, but they are not.  Democrats think it is wonderful that an evil, racist Trump administration member got his deserving comeuppance. The presstitutes see nothing amiss.  Apparently, the ACLU is too busy creating transgender rights to worry about the Constitution.  Republicans, including Trump, have treated Julian Assange worse than the Democrats have treated Navarro.  

In other words, everything is so politicized that there is no room for the Constitution.  

In many countries being in politics is a ticket to jail.  The arrest of former presidents by their political opponents is a South American tradition.  It is a tradition that Democrats and the FBI have brought to America.

The Democrats have built divisiveness into America with their identity politics, critical race theory, and open borders policy, and they have corrupted the Department of Justice and turned in into a political weapon.  The Democrats have rung the death knell for the “land of the free.” 

July 4th flag waving cannot restore our liberty.  Americans, of course, will stick their heads in the sand and go into denial, as they always do when faced with uncomfortable facts about their country.  Consequently, nothing will be done to stop the Nazification of America.

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