Marine Le Pen Just Made Herself a Candidate for Assassination

Marine Le Pen Just Made Herself a Candidate for Assassination

National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen has said that if she wins the presidential election, she intends to withdraw France from NATO’s unified military command.

“I want France to leave NATO’s unified military command. I will never agree that our troops are subordinate to the NATO command or the European command. France should return to the status in the alliance that it had from 1966 to 2009,” the French presidential candidate said.

Le Pen said that if she is elected, she intends to offer NATO a strategic rapprochement with Russia after the end of the conflict in Ukraine.

“When hostilities are over, I will propose a strategic rapprochement between NATO and Russia,” Le Pen said.

She added that the key principles of her foreign policy will be “independence, equidistance and constancy.”

Marine Le Pen offers the remnant of the French Nation French Leadership that France has not had since de Gaulle.  France is ruled by Washington.  The dumbshit French people have consistently refused to elect a president who would represent France.

I doubt that the French will elect a French leader in the upcoming election.  If they do, Marine Le Pen will be assassinated by the CIA or French Intelligence.


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