The European Commission President Announces in effect that EU Is Joining the War Against Russia


It is stunning that no one in the Western leadership or media understood that Russia was serious about her security concern.  Whether the West regarded the Kremlin’s concern as warranted or not, everything should have been done to reassure Russia.  Instead, the opposite was done.  The idiot Stoltenberg said “if the Kremlin’s aim is to have less NATO on its borders, it will only get more NATO.” What an arrogantly stupid thing to say.  This reckless idiot is the secretary general of NATO.  He should have been instantly removed from office. 

I pointed out 8 days ago that this extremely aggressive response to a sincere security concern of a major military power would have very serious consequences.  It convinced the Kremlin that Russia’s security concern could not be settled by negotiation.  It was the total dumbshit Stoltenberg who set the Russians on the course of invasion.

The West no longer has any Russian experts.  The West has people directly or indirectly on the military/security complex’s payroll who do nothing but excoriate Russia.  The West has zero ability to see the other side.  Moreover, the West to show its inclusiveness appoints females as  defense ministers, national security advisers and heads of European Commission.  The women have to show they are as tough as men and consequently make even worse decisions.  

Indeed, we are on the point of ceasing to exist simply because the Western World is not capable of making a sensible decision.  The idiot West has done nothing but stir the flames of war and now is close to being consumed in these flames.


The European Commission President Announces in effect that EU Is Joining the War Against Russia

Paul Craig Roberts

The idiot European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen announced that, despite Putin’s warning, the EU is going to finance the purchase and delivery of weapons to Ukraine.  The idiot also said the EU is going to include Belarus, which is not involved in the fighting, in the sanctions, because it is a Russian ally.  She says the EU wants to ban Russian media because they don’t keep to the official war narrative. 

So, the European Commission president announces that the EU is joining the war on the side of the Ukrainian Nazis, and Washington’s idiot UN Ambassador accuses Putin of escalating the war.  We see here the results of Putin’s far too many years of keeping his patience with the West.  The West has grown accustomed to imposing punishment upon punishment on Russia with no consequences to itself.  Now suddenly there are consequences, and it is all Putin’s fault.

I have warned for a number of years that the policy of patience would fail in the end because the West would keep pushing until it blundered across a red line. That has now occurred, and the consequences will be far more serious than if Russia had put her foot down long ago.

Russophobic morons accuse me of being pro-Russian because I provide objective analysis instead of joining in the mindless denunciations.  I am the one who saw nuclear war coming because of the mistaken policies of both sides.  It is the Western Russophobes and the naive Russian trust in negotiations that have misfired.  Unfortunately, it is my analysis that is proving to be correct.  I can’t say I am happy about it.

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