Update on the Ukrainian situation

Update on the Ukrainian situation

Ukrainian resistance seems to have ceased as its infrastructure was put out of operation. Only a few neo-Nazi militias trapped within the Donbass territories continue to offer resistance.

Russian paratroopers captured Kiev airport. Hours ago the Russian forces had reached the Dnieper and approached the suburbs of Kiev. Ukraine has lost its air force, air defense, navy, and all military airports.  With the destruction of 83 military facilities, the infrastructure of the Ukraine military has been wiped out. 

The neo-Nazis will be held accountable.  Ukraine will be required to renounce NATO membership, demilitarize, and renounce all claims to Crimea and the independent republics. Ukrainian soldiers will be permitted to return home to their families.

Unlike the Americans and NATO, the Russians have avoided attacking any civilian areas and the barracks and residences of military units.  

German readers write to me that they are sitting in front of TVs laughing at their idiot politicians promising that Putin’s imperialism won’t go unanswered, promising more energy sanctions against the German people and facing compensation claims from German investors in the Nord 2 Pipeline.  German defense officials admit that they are toothless and have no capability of sending troops even to protect NATO members, much less Ukraine.  

The Europeans should have thought many times before they enabled Washington’s war crimes in Serbia and the Middle East. Putin said war criminals will be held accountable.  I think he means it.

The European governments are such stupid idiots that it did not occur to them to wonder what happens if Russia responds to sanctions by cutting off the gas supply.  Earlier today I asked what is Germany’s fate if Russia replies to sanctions with sanctions?  Leon Birnbaum, president of E.ON, one of Europe’s largest operators of energy networks, said that if Russia cuts gas flow to Germany, Germany´s industry would have to be cut off from the power grid.

It is difficult to imagine people so totally stupid and self-defeating as the ones Western peoples trust with leadership.  Indeed, Western “leaders” are so totally stupid they may well get us wiped off the face of the earth.

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