By all Measures the US Has the World’s Most Incompetent Government and the Worst Media

By all Measures the US Has the World’s Most Incompetent Government and the Worst Media

Paul Craig Roberts

US President Biden claims Russian troops continue “encircling Ukraine” even as Moscow says they are withdrawing.

The Russian soldiers were never there for the purpose of invading Ukraine. They were in Belarus as part of a training exercise akin to the ones NATO continually conducts on Russia’s borders.  The Troops in Ukraine were there to intercede if Ukraine invaded the Donbass republics. 

The accusation of a Russian invasion was an obvious lie from the beginning.  The purpose of the lie was to scare Europeans about Russia in order to keep them on the US reservation.

Biden claims there is no evidence of troop departure, and the presstitutes claim the Russians are not departing but repositioning for an attack. 

Western governments and presstitutes are now firm believers of their own lies.  The London Times’ defense editor Larisa Brown cites an “unnamed official” who allegedly claims:  “We have seen reinforcement of combat and other capabilities close to the border. On balance what we have seen is further reinforcement.”

This from the BBC presstitutes:  “A small but politically vocal portion of the American electorate that admires Vladimir Putin’s muscular policies is seeking to undermine US President Joe Biden’s efforts to stand up to the Russian president.” It is Russia encircling Ukraine, not the US encircling Russia.  It is the US standing up to Russia, not Russia standing up to the US.

The British Financial Times reports that “Western intelligence” (an oxymoron) has concluded that the Russians have chosen a former Ukrainian member of parliament, Oleg Tsaryov, to be installed as Ukraine’s president following the Russian invasion. 

The less evidence there is of an invasion, the more we are told it is about to happen.  The latest from the British press is that according to US intelligence (an oxymoron) in the early hours of Wednesday morning Russia will invade with 200,000 soldiers after a massive missile blitz.  When Americans arise at 7AM Wednesday, it will be afternoon there.  Have a look to see if Ukraine is still there.

 My conclusion is that the West will declare there has been an invasion when there hasn’t, and the presstitutes will turn the lie into the truth. 

How else are Biden, the Western governments, and the presstitute media going to avoid looking like total fools, victims of their own propaganda? 

Putin is taking a somewhat similar risk by holding on to his belief in the Minsk Agreement, when Ukraine, by far the weaker party, demands that the issue with Russia, by far the stronger party, be settled on Ukraine’s terms. 

Will this latest excuse for Ukrainian non-compliance with the Minsk Agreement  result in the Kremlin finally seeing the futility of this approach?

The United States has been in totally incompetent hands since the ascension  of the Clinton regime. The practice of US manufacturers of offshoring the production of the goods and services that they sell in the US has exploded the annual trade deficit of the US to  one trillion dollars.  When I was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, the US had a trade deficit only in energy and it was covered by surpluses elsewhere.

A country that gives its own jobs to foreigners turns domestic production into imports, an act of extreme idiocy.  

Washington has now matched this act of idiocy with another–making an enemy out of Russia.

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