General Milley Tells Congress to Be Careful Who You Shake Your Fist At

General Milley Tells Congress to Be Careful Who You Shake Your Fist At

Paul Craig Roberts

Ukraine’s foreign minister boasts that in the past few months Western governments have handed over $1.5 billion in bribes, that is, aid, and “more than 1,000 tons of arms and armaments” to keep the pot boiling. If the tons are US tons, that comes to 2,000,000 pounds of arms and ammunition.

As I have written repeatedly, as have The Saker and Andrei Martyanov, the Russian military can conquer all of Ukraine in a few hours with very light casualties. The money and arms being sent by Washington and its puppet states in Europe could not affect the outcome.

The US Department of Defense agrees with me, The Saker and Martyanov. A top Pentagon official told Congress, a bunch of morons shouting threats at Russia, that Russian armed forces could overrun Ukraine and seize the capital in three days and only suffer 4,000 casualties. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, “cautioned lawmakers about Moscow’s military might.” Little wonder the US Secretary of Defense announced that no US troops would be sent to Ukraine’s aid. It would take 1,000,000 US troops to even slow down a Russian advance. No such numbers exist to be sacrificed.

As there is zero obstacle to Russia seizing Ukraine, there is no reason for Russia to do so. After Ukraine’s corrupt leaders collect enough money from the West to retire in splendor on the French Riviera, Ukraine will make the necessary deal with Moscow. There is zero chance that Ukraine will ever be a member of NATO, and everyone knows it, even Blinken, Biden and Stoltenberg.

Yet we hear constantly that a Russian invasion is imminent. I expect to hear tomorrow from the presstitutes that Russia has invaded Ukraine even though Russia has not. I mean, really, it just has to happen. The New York Times said so. NPR assured us it would happen as did CNN and the rest of the presstitutes. Bloomberg News even had the headline written and went ahead and posted it when it didn’t happen.

The Western media pumps out the fear hype that Russia is soon to invade Ukraine. Biden’s National Security Advisor said that Russia could invade Ukraine “as soon as tomorrow.”

How is it possible that people this hysterical are in charge of the United States government, a country with nuclear weapons? The greatest threat to the world is the utter total stupidity of the US government.

Russia will not invade Ukraine unless Ukraine has been invited to join NATO and accepts. This will not happen, ever. The NATO countries understand that it means war with a military power, Russia, that they have zero possibility of withstanding. The current chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff understands the same thing. This is why he cautioned the US Congress about Russia’s military might.

A number of years ago I read Mario Puzo’s book, The Godfather, the origin of the famous movie. I learned a lesson from reading that book that everyone needs to learn. Before you in your rage shake your fist, or give the finger, at another motorist or pick a fight in a bar, first ask yourself who it is you are insulting. Is it a Mafia hitman, a plains clothes police officer, Mike Tyson? If so, what will you do if he responds and holds you accountable? The reasons Russia is still harassed by false accusations is that the Kremlin hasn’t made Western insults a costly issue for the West. The Russians, God help them, still think they can negotiate with evil.

Washington, driven by the neocon warmongers, needs to stop and ask itself: what will we do when Putin finally says, enough, put up or shut up?

Washington for PR reasons will continue to helplessly bluster and issue threats, but the threats are empty. The Kremlin should realize this and stop going on about the West’s refusal of the mutual security proposal.

Washington cannot publicly admit a defeat. Washington cannot admit that it has been brought to heel by Putin. But Washington knows it has. We have enormous indications of this. Principle among them is the neoconservative warmonger Victoria Nuland, who oversaw the US overthrow of the democratically elected Ukrainian government and imposition of an anti-Russian regime. Currently the US Undersecretary of State, Nuland, realizing US military impotence, had to resort to appealing to China to use its influence to prevent Russia from reabsorbing Ukraine back into the Russian Federation where it resided for centuries.

What is so absurd about Nuland on her knees begging China to save Ukraine from American impotence is that Russia doesn’t want Ukraine. The Kremlin has no interest in acquiring a bankrupt country full of neo-nazis. The Kremlin’s position is simple. Russia will not tolerate a Ukraine that is a forward American base against Russia.

Where is this going to end? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kremlin loses the game despite holding all four aces, and despite Putin’s warning that Russia must not be sucked into endless debate that resolves nothing. Putin has stressed that Russia wants agreement to the security protocol right now. It is not something to be talked about forever.

But talking forever is exactly what is happening. The Russian Foreign Ministry is so happy. The West is talking to them for a change. They must be making progress. “The West is listening.” What a triumph.

The Kremlin has the same problem as the Canadian truckers protesters. They do not realize that they are up against evil. It is impossible to influence evil with protests or negotiations based on good will. How precisely can the Kremlin negotiate with evil? Evil can only be stamped out. The Kremlin, like the Canaian truck protesters, seems unable to get its mind around that fact, and so it could be that it is Russia along with the Canadian protesters who are stamped out.

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