American Media Is a Laughing Stock just like Western “leaders”

American Media Is a Laughing Stock just like Western “leaders”

Paul Craig Roberts

This morning the presstitute Bloomberg News published a headline: “Live: Russia invades Ukraine.” The dumbshits at Bloomberg, believed their own propaganda. Convinced it was going to happen, Bloomberg had the “invasion” pre-written and up it went on the newswire. The Kremlin spokesman said: “I guess, instead of ‘fake news’, we can now say ‘Bloomberg news.'”

The governments in the Western world, like the Western media, are ridiculously stupid, tyrannical, and opposed to free speech. And unlike their tyrannical forebears–Lenin, Hitler, Mao–they have zero public support–look, for example, at Canada: the capital taken over by truckers and the cowardly prime minister, rejected by the people, in hiding.

A few days ago the commander of the German Navy had to resign for expressing his opinion that Crimea would remain with Russia and that Putin “probably deserves respect.” The Ukrainian foreign minister complained about this statement of truth, and Germany, an occupied territory without sovereignty since the end of WW II that oppresses the German population in order to serve the profits of Big Pharma, fired her naval commander. It was all for nothing. Yesterday the chairman of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council said Ukraine’s military is not capable of taking over Crimea.

Of course it isn’t, and neither are NATO and the US. Moreover Crimea is populated by Russians. They have been there for centuries as Crimea is a part of Russia. In order to water down the Ukrainian population, Khrushchev put Crimea in Ukraine when Ukraine and Russia were Soviet provinces. Russia, not Ukraine, took Crimea from the Turks centuries ago. Ukraine has no claim to the territory. There are hardly any Ukrainians there. Only in the ridiculous West is it an “invasion” for a country to occupy its own territory and govern its own people.

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