Glenn Greenwald Explains that Democrats Have Resurrected McCarthyism in a Much Worse Form

Glenn Greenwald Explains that Democrats Have Resurrected McCarthyism in a Much Worse Form

The tyranny that is enveloping the Western world is the product of careless voters who elect to office ideologues who believe their cause requires and justifies tyranny. The Democrats’ Insurrection Committee is using tyranny, not law, against Trump supporters. The Democrats are engaged in wiping out their opponents just as did Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and the French revolutionists.

In the United States, official illegality is crowding out legal behavior by the government, which is increasingly lawless. We owe the collapse of legal behavior by our government to false flag traumatic events such as 9/11 and to the FBI orchestrated “Trump insurrection.”

From “Congress’s 1/6 Committee Claims Absolute Power” by Glenn Greenwald

“What happened during the first War on Terror — and so many other events that were perceived as traumatic — is instructive here. So many Americans were so horrified by the carnage of that day that, for years, many did not care or want to hear about legal niceties, constitutional limits or civil liberties regarding the government’s actions. Anything the government did in the name of responding to or retaliating for 9/11 became inherently justified, and anyone who objected — no matter the principles cited — was deemed to be on the side of the terrorists.

“The same dynamic is prevailing here. There are serious constitutional limits on the ability of Congress to investigate private citizens. It is blatantly abusive to scheme with JPMorgan and its counsel Loretta Lynch to ensure that a citizen has no time to seek judicial relief regarding the committee’s attempt to obtain mounds of his personal and financial records. And, in general, the committee has been on a rampage targeting not only Trump officials or people who (allegedly) engaged in criminal behavior at the Capitol on January 6 but a wide group of citizens whose only crime appears to be their political beliefs and associations — exactly what the Supreme Court cited when striking down the excesses of Congress’s McCarthy-era probes of citizens.

“But with the media overwhelmingly cheering anything done in the name of stopping the Trump movement and those who supported 1/6 (the Trump rally) in any way, all of these civil liberties concerns and constitutional protections are run roughshod over in the name of safety. The latest arguments from the Congressional 1/6 Committee amount to little more than an assertion of unfettered power for Adam Schiff, Liz Cheney and the rest of the committee members to dig into the lives of anyone they want without limits.”

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