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The Russians Would Do a Lot Better if They Stopped Responding to Western Accusations

The Russians Would Do a Lot Better if They Stopped Responding to Western Accusations

Paul Craig Roberts

Someone should explain media to the Russians. When the Russians respond to propagandistic accusations, they give the propaganda more life and spread it further.

Washington has blamed its attempted overthrow of the Kazakh government on “Russian aggression.” Maria Zakharova has replied to the accusation calling it a “mindless, callous and false claim.”

The Russians should have learned by now that it does no good, only harm, to answer the false accusations. It is a mistake for the Russians to give the accusations the dignity of refuting them. Just ignore them as beneath contempt. The Western presstitutes are not going to objectively report the Russian denials. The media just turn the Russian denials into lies–“the Russians deny doing what they did.”

The US and NATO conduct military exercises on Russia’s borders and in the Black Sea, including practice nuclear attacks on Russia. But if Russia conducts military exercises in Russia, the State Department says it means Russia is about to invade Ukraine and demands explanations from the Kremlin. As the Kremlin had pre-announced the exercises, the State Department is simply engaging in propaganda.

Washington knows its accusations are false. They are made for propaganda reasons. It is pointless for the Russians to respond to them.

Russia and its former provinces should focus on weeding out the Western intelligence services that are operating within Russia and former parts of the Soviet Union.

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